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How To Make $1,000,000 In MLM

Aug 7, 2008
You have likely heard many MLM opportunities try and sell you on the million dollars. But, there is a big difference between those who do make it, those who achieve some of it, and those who walk away from it. Achieving a million dollars in MLM home business opportunities is possible for you. Here is what it takes.

Most people believe that simply joining a work from home MLM business will get them rich. This is an erroneous belief, because the truth is that the only person who can make a million dollars is you!

This seems like a great idea, but most people don't want to become accountable to such a goal. If you join a Multilevel Marketing opportunity, you will find that no one will force you to make it happen. Your upline will not contact you and protest that you do make those figures. Your upline may motivate, and encourage, however it is you who has to do it.

This makes personal responsibility to achieve something the sole motivator of success. You need to either make yourself accountable, with you acting as boss on yourself or get your partner to act this part.

Now to the actual grind of making the million dollars. To make $1,000,000, you will need to understand the numbers. In a moment, I will give you a great system to make this happen, it is simple, and it involves enjoying the joy in working with numbers.

The first point to remember is the metrics of the Multilevel Marketing home business. This involves thinking about how money can come in from the MLM business? This usually are either products or the opportunity itself or both.

That means that money will either come in when someone buys something or if someone joins your work from home MLM business. If it is both, you really can get on track to hit the millions.

Now, most people say they want a $1,000,000 within 1 year, but this usually leaves people in a position of non belief when the time is up. Instead of focusing on what everyone does, and so few achieve, why not set a different measuring stick?

This measuring stick is a count down method. Try this. Find out how much you earn from each product, and or each time someone joins the opportunity. Now figure out how many products you need to sell to make a million dollars. You could also do this with the opportunity or both, which in fact could work better.

Now write that somewhere or even put it in a spreadsheet. Every time someone buys or joins - take off 1. This makes a great motivator to hit the zero. As you get closer and closer, you will focus on the task at hand, and when you do, you have your first million!

Another option which can be greater than the last is to make the million dollar calculation for the MLM products, and one for the opportunity. The result is that when you hit half way, you would have already made your first $1,000,000!
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