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The Essential Ingredients Of A Perfect Job

Aug 7, 2008
The Essential Ingredients

The variables could be salary, hours worked, distance to commute, work ambience, the right boss, or colleagues. It is difficult to spell out an ideal job or what it takes to make one ideal and perfect. It is all a matter of your own criteria.

Actually, no job can hold all the right and perfectly-blended ingredients. Even so, there are certain matters worth considering.

Growth Opportunities

A factor in making a job perfect for you could be potential growth opportunities. Do you see it happening to you? Is there room for growth? Do you feel stagnated? Are you being side-stepped? Are you still at the same position and salary as when you started?

Most organizations have a structured career growth plan and some offer opportunities according to performance. When you see there is no possibility that you are going to progress, then you know it is time to quit and look at other prospects.


It is a good idea to compare prevailing salaries and benefits for your career level in the local marketplace. Packages may include car and fuel, medical insurance, vacation, and sick time.

Discuss prerequisites in the interview, and if you question whether they are sufficient, ask for some time before you make a decision to take the offer or not.

Your Boss

Your boss plays a very vital role in making your job perfect or making it unpleasant. You may have a good rapport with your boss and the promotions and career growth may be progressing smoothly.

It may also be the other way around, and there may be very little for you to do but to quit. It is as difficult to come by a good boss as it is to find good employees.

Work Functions

Your position, work responsibilities, colleagues, and work environment are all important considerations. There will probably be certain duties asked of you from time to time that do not fit your job description, and you need to make certain it does not become a regular thing.

Any job requires teamwork between a boss and their employees. If the boss is liked and admired by the team, they will put forth efforts to cooperate. But if the boss is unpopular with the team, then the environment is spoiled and the work does not get done. A good boss always has the team on their side.

Work Environment

The work environment needs to be motivating enough to hold your interest and keep you satisfied. Work should not become a drudge. A perfect environment is conducive to work and helps you perform at your best.

Finding the perfect job isn't easy - but by taking the above factors into consideration, you can get as close as possible.
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Tony Jacowski is a quality analyst for The MBA Journal. Aveta Solution's Six Sigma Online offers online six sigma training and certification classes for six sigma professionals including, lean six sigma, black belts, green belts, and yellow belts.
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