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What Does a Customer Service Superstar Look Like?

Aug 7, 2008
Sara Smith was considered a shining example to others at her organization. Not only was she well liked by her fellow co-workers, but over the years she had gained a loyal following of customers by her outstanding personality. She clearly understood that people will always respond well when they are treated kindly.

Sara had what it took to be what I would classify as a "customer service superstar." She had the ability to keep customers and help others within the organization to become their best on the job. Each day Sara made a positive impact for the company and consistently delivered outstanding customer service.

Sara's greatest asset as a customer service representative was the genuine friendliness she showed to others. Her ability to make people instantly feel welcomed consistently made a positive impact on every customer. Sara had the gift of treating others in a highly respectful manner. Customers were made to feel welcomed from the start by her pleasant tone of voice and her genuine interest in meeting their needs. She gave customers her undivided attention and made them feel important.

The way Sara intently listened without interrupting made others feel that she really cared about them and understood what they were saying. It was evident within the first few minutes of being around Sara that she sincerely cared about people.

Another admirable trait that defined Sara was her undying enthusiasm for life. She lived in such a way that made others want what she had. It was as if Sara looked at each day as a gift to be treasured. It would be evident after being around her for a short time that she appreciated life. The enthusiasm for living also affected others who were around her.

Her co-workers never once heard Sara complain. Not only did she show appreciation, but Sara also had a way of making others feel appreciated for doing business with the organization. Customers would feel that they were being served by the most thankful person in the world. This not only created a positive experience for the customer, but also gave them the desire to want to return in the future.

Because of Sara's non-critical attitude, she always made others feel accepted. Always one to show respect, Sara had a way of bringing people up. Her encouraging words to co-workers and customers were heartfelt. Never one to use empty flattery, Sara was never afraid to compliment another person. She was never heard complaining or gossiping. Her words were always helpful and encouraging. Never once did she criticize or use inappropriate language.

Customers could not help but walk away feeling that they were just given the absolute best service. This is because Sara understood the power of appreciation and respect for the customer. Each day customers would ask to be assisted by Sara. Many customers would drive out of their way simply to be served by her. She was highly valued within her company, a positive encouragement to her fellow co-workers, and loved by her customers. This is what made Sara an outstanding superstar in the field of customer service.
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About the Author: Service That Attracts founder Cary Cavitt is a professional customer service speaker. He has written several books on the topic and is available for keynote speaking and onsite workshops throughout the United States. Read more excellent customer service articles and customer service tips on how to build excellent teams.
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