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Digital Media Products: A Description

Aug 7, 2008
Digital media products is a term often thrown about by those in the know- but what are they really? The phrase is so common that it has been applied to many different things and it is taken for granted that most people know what it means. Digital media products have been growing rapidly and exponentially for some time, and it is time that the definition is set down.

In the barest terms, digital media is the information that is stored in computer language format. These are known as CDs and DVDs and are the most popular formats on the market today. With newer technology, blue ray disks will undoubtedly become the norm.

This means that any media, when it is digital, is read and written by computers in the language consisting of zeros and ones, which are also known as on/off mechanisms. Every single piece of information on your computer, from your documents to your pictures to your music files, is written and read in this language by your computer. Even internet content, while appearing to you in your chosen language, is represented to your computer in this language, which is then translated before it is displayed.

All information products are written in this way. While they appear to you in your specified language, they are at their very base coded in computer language of zeros and ones.

Because of the instant availability of information that the internet gives us, many are making a business out of selling information to make money. Many start by converting their chosen information to a text format, such as Microsoft word. From there, it is converted to a format that people can read without a specific program, for instance a PDF (Portable Document Format). The last transformation is to turn the PDF into a CD or DVD product that can be sold to consumers. This gives buyers who may be skeptical about computers the opportunity to learn and utilize your information through other mediums, such as CD or DVD players.

Having your product available in a variety of formats increases your ability to meet consumer demand, and thus supply multiple markets with your information. This gives you a larger range of possible customers, and increases your opportunity to make a profit.

Now you know how easy it is to convert your information to various forms and market it, go ahead and give it a try. What have you got to lose?
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