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Looking For Promotional Tools To Use On Ebay

Aug 7, 2008
eBay is one of the largest auction sites on the Internet and the 5,000,000 users prove its popularity and rank against all the other auction sites out there. I think most everyone has either sold something on eBay or bought something at one point or another in their lives. But besides actually selling and buying on eBay once in awhile, there are also people that actually make money from home by working on eBay. These users sell items usually at whole sale prices or find sites that allow drop shippers and make a profit, some people actually make really good money on eBay.

I've tried it but, I was never very good at "selling" anything to begin with! If you are one of the many people that uses eBay as a way to make money online from home either full-time or part-time then you probably have used a tool of some sort on there. Some tools can be used for members that sell a lot of stuff on there and members that like to track everything, other tools help you post items for sale, and finally there are other tools that will help you find hot keywords and also check up on your competitors keywords.

Finding hot keywords to use on eBay is good for two reasons I believe. Firstly, it gives you a chance to incorporate those keywords into your item page and secondly it gives you a good idea of what products are hot and which are not. For example, if you do a search for words and the word "baseballs" shows 5 million results then you should know not to sell baseballs on eBay because everyone else is as well! That is one thing you shouldn't do is sell an item that is overly popular. You can also use these tools (as said above) to spy on your competitors keywords, this allows you to see exactly what keywords they are using and will help you to figure out which ones you should use to beat them out of the competition!

You can find any promo tool anywhere on the Internet and usually they are free ware which is even better for you especially if it helps you bring in more profits! A lot of people will do almost anything to make some extra dough, or find little "secrets" to compete with the competitors. But this is with any business, offline or online. Just think about when you watch TV, or listen to the radio. Many times there are the same type of commercial but for different companies. Well its the same with being online and selling a service or a product. Your going to be competing with several thousands or millions of people trying to make that same sale. Don't stand down. Be aggressive! Not rude or unethical, just aggressive. Do what you can to make the sale!
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