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Commercial Outdoor Lighting

Aug 7, 2008
Commercial outdoor lighting requires attention to detail and knowledge of architectural and landscaping elements. The challenge of any commercial outdoor lighting project is to synthesize the natural with the artificial into a unified aesthetic that brings multiple elements into a unified field of relationships consisting of complimentary points of view and frames of reference. When done correctly by trained and certified professionals, commercial outdoor lighting provides one of the best practical examples of the Universal nature of light's pervasive and unifying influence of thought, form, and action.

There are three primary areas that require equal emphasis in any commercial outdoor lighting project. These areas are perimeter, natural landscape, and architecture. If any one of these areas is neglected or overemphasized, the resulting aesthetic communicates an unconscious, disturbing sense of imbalance. Because professionals consultant spend many years training and working with architects and landscapers, they begin each project with careful measurements of the property and identify signature features of both landscape and building design. After analyzing the specifics, they then develop detailed CAD schematics that show relationships between points of differentiation and utilize light to bring unity in the midst of diversity.

Lights of some type are almost always installed along property boundaries and work areas in order to first establish a perimeter of light that helps establish the overall tone of the design. Outdoor commercial lighting helps distinguish a facility from neighboring rivals and competitors, and it also accentuates branding through strong emphasis on the main entrance and signage. Professionals should only install sign lights obtained from the world's top manufacturers that can be used in a wide range of design strategies that seamlessly blend lighting fixtures with perimeter building materials such as ornamental sidewalks, brick walls, stone walls, and wooden fences.

With environmentally safe methods in tree lighting, a tree line can be turned into a perimeter that increases in subtle increments into a brighter, more intensified focus on the main entrance sign and corporate brand. Enhanced security is achieved with motion-sensitive floodlights, and increased safety is created by specialized parking lot lights and step lights that clearly mark locations of sidewalks and staircases. For sports facilities and larger commercial properties with athletic courts and tracks, there are a have any number of track and court lighting fixtures that provide high levels of luminosity without blinding glare.

Within the perimeter it is necessary to look for opportunities to highlight distinguishing natural features and foliage. Consultants should conceal commercial outdoor lighting fixtures in trees and shrubs to create the optical affect of sourceless, ambient light. This eliminates glaring contrasts of light and shadow by bathing the property in a softer, all-pervasive radiance. This less is more approach to commercial outdoor lighting has made us the preferred vendor of landscape lighting throughout Houston and much of greater Texas. Through cross training and partnership with landscaping entities, we have unique and highly proprietary methods of illuminating statuary, ponds, waterfalls, and ornamental structures.

By highlighting natural features and foliage, and then building a congruent landscape lighting theme, professionals can integrate architecture itself into the overall decorum with high performance pin spots that showcase signature architectural features such as glass walkways, stone carvings on facades, and ornamental ledges. The ultimate goal in commercial outdoor lighting is to make the entire facility appear as a unified matrix of aesthetic elements and eliminate the stereotypical perception that has branded industry and commerce with the stigma "man versus Nature." With ILD, civilization and nature unite within congruent spheres of light.

Commercial outdoor lighting brings a whole new reality to the corporate world by clearly demonstrating that image and function work together as compliments, not opposing opposites.
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