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Save Time And Money By Outsourcing Small Business Tasks

Aug 7, 2008
When running their own small business it is not uncommon for people to find they are not only doing what they specialize in, but spending a lot of time in the role of head accountant, marketing person, payroll, IT, logistics and more. And you thought you were just a plumber, hairdresser, PR consultant etc! Clearly the common dilemma for small business owners is how you manage being all things to your business, when your real skills are simply in the area you are trained in.

Outsourcing is an increasingly popular option for many small business owners. While big businesses have been fast to adopt this trend, just because you are not operating a multi million dollar corporation does not mean that there may not be benefits for you in adopting this strategy also.

Running a good small business does not automatically make you a great accountant, PR guru or IT specialist if that is not your area of expertise. For this specific reason outsourcing can be more cost effective option. There are two advantages with outsourcing. One is the fact that outsourcing can free you up to focus on what you actually know, the second is that you can save money if you are considering having an expert work with you on accounts, PR, IT or other business related activities.

The area of specialty that you have developed is also known as your businesses core activity. When you are a specialist running your own business then it can be advantageous to find someone to take care of your non-core activities. These are the areas that you can outsource to save yourself time and money. By using an expert you can be concentrated on your core activities and limit the time you spend focusing on those areas that are outside of this.

The second way that you can save your money and outsource tasks for small business tasks is by outsourcing tasks in a way that allows for variable costs rather than fixed costs. Essentially what this means is that you shift the fixed costs such as paying for the services of a permanent support staff member, to a variable cost, whereby you pay an outsourced provider to carry out functions required as per an hourly rate. This means that you not only have the ability to obtain services at an hourly rate, but also the flexibility to get more than one service provider with different expertise as required.

Outsourcing small business tasks has become a much easier option as the internet allows for remote business services provision, telecommuting and access to service providers online. If you are dedicated to focusing on your core business activities, then it is worth considering your options with respect to outsourcing the non-core activities. Hiring specialists to undertake outsourced activities offers flexibility and can save you time and money, freeing your time up to grow your businesses core, specialist activities.
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