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How To Advertise In The UK

Aug 8, 2008
UK advertising has come along way and is growing at a feverish pace. Everyday a new advertising technique or a new advertising strategy is being developed by some one. New techniques like animation, graphic representation, interactive ads, etc are being developed and are being used to the best of the effect. Also the advertising industry has become a large glamorous and show biz industry.

All the new companies are jumping on the band wagon and are taking advantage of these current boom by investing money in well established firms or by investing money or by making ads to market and popularizes their products and services. In UK advertising and marketing is the basic difference in a big brand and an average brand. All the companies have understood and realized the importance of brand value and are inverting large sums of money and are trying to make the best ads to increase the brand value of their product. Companies are also hiring famous people from sports, politics, serials, movies, and all other as the brand ambassadors of their product and company.

Various advertising techniques that are used in UK:

- Neon Signs: This is a type of hoarding advertisements. Neon signs are very bright and attractive and hence are used as advertising boards by many hotels, theaters, etc.
- Digital advertising boards: This is also a type of hoarding advertisement. Digital advertising boards are used on many signals or other cross roads or are erected in the corner of the road. The digital sign boards keep on changing the ads and 2-3 ads can be displayed on the board depending on the capacity of the sign board. This is also known as media advertising.
- Hoardings: Big posters or hoardings are still a huge hit in UK advertising world. Though this method may be a bit old and outdated, it still gives optimum results and provides effective marketing and advertising solutions.
- News paper advertisements: News paper advertising in UK has developed tremendously. Today big ads having photos, designs, and colors can easily be published in the daily news paper. Even news paper reading is the favorite break fast activity for many people. Hence, news papers advertisements are not only affordable but also help you generate a large group of audience.
- TV commercials: TV commercials have also evolved a lot and new techniques like animation or special effects are being used to capture the imagination of the audience and get them involved. A recent survey has revealed that UK customers get attracted to products depending on the ad that is broadcasted on the TV channels.

Changing the mind of the viewer or influencing the viewer by means of a TV commercial is as easy as to change the channel of the TV using a remote control. Due to this UK advertising is mostly media based or TV based. Companies are taking full advantage of the recently developed technologies in UK advertising world.
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