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Aug 8, 2008
Commercial Lighting Designers like Houston's ILD install commercial sign lights at entrances to subdivisions, hotels, high-rise buildings, golf courses, and other land based signage. They focus on creating commercial sign lighting that is tasteful, well shielded, and energy efficient. Sign companies can enhance their profit margins through a partnership with such a firm, because it will combine their workmanship with the universal aesthetic of Light. Property owners, developers, and landscape contractors will also benefit from expertly positioned, concealed commercial sign lighting equipment hidden in plant materials or behind other structures. The resulting illuminated radius extending from the signage itself unites natural landscapes and corporate branding with key architectural elements such as monuments, columns, and gates.

High-end commercial sign lighting creates a grand entryway of light that welcomes guests and distinguishes properties and organizations with sophistication, elegance, and a feeling of comfort and safety.

Making the decision to invest in commercial sign lighting requires a mindset that places high value on branding and advertising. We readily admit less expensive solutions saturate the marketplace in the form of self-installing kits and smaller organizations that specialize in billboard and over-building lighting. The value of professional design work is found in the superior first impression to residents, guests, clients, and even passing motorists who view a system built with commercial grade materials and installed by certified landscape designers.

Land-based commercial sign lighting creates an illuminated display where the source of light remains hidden and theme and design assume a dominant position on the landscape. This proves especially valuable for facilities with gated entrances and long, winding driveways, and adds mystique and sensibility to grounds and buildings alike.

Commercial sign lighting serves serve a broad spectrum of industries, vertical markets, and physical locales. Almost any business with a land-based sing will benefit from highlighting their corporate brand to passing traffic and nighttime visitors. This highly effective form of advertising requires only a one-time investment in consulting services and equipment, and other than our optional maintenance agreement, requires no ongoing expenditures. Commercial sign lights prove invaluable to gated apartment communities and suburban developments. Bright, clear visibility increases security and diminishes the odds of criminal mischief and trespass. Skillfully orchestrated landscape and security lighting services can actually blend the entryway lighting into ornamental parking lot lights and special landscaping features surrounding the main driveway.

On the very high-end of the service tier, five star hotels, resorts, and country clubs normally subcontracts us for a number of specialty services to ensure that our commercial sign lighting immediately creates mood and atmosphere that extends into the fairways, gardens, outdoor dining areas, building architecture, and interior lighting.

Guest and visitor parking areas also enjoy enhanced security and safety from commercial sign lighting and entrance illumination. Attendees to evening events enter a realm of special effects and functional brilliance that sets the activities of the night apart from the stress of daytime working hours. Residents returning home to high rise residential facilities enjoy a feeling of safety and seclusion set definitively apart from glaring street lights and dark building shadows in the surrounding neighborhood.

Commercial sign lighting can create the theme for an entire nighttime vista when interwoven with landscape accent lighting and tree canopy lighting, creating the optical effect of unity between human engineering and Natural beauty. With a touch of architectural lighting and moon shadow lighting, arches, waterfalls, and ornamental sculptures experience a mystical touch of light that appears to magically appear around individual forms and creates a symmetrical balance between signage, construction, outdoor decorations, and indigenous vegetation.
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