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What is the Proper Lighting for a Trade Show Display?

Aug 8, 2008
A trade show venue will probably provide florescent lighting, which will have a harsh effect on a vendor's display. This is why you should definitely use your own lighting for your display. Make good use of exhibit lighting to ensure a professional and clean appearance. Many vendors at trade shows make the common error of using lights which are simple or using no lights at all. Although lighting may seem like a minor detail, it can enhance your display and attract potential customers.

Lighting can be your friend if you use it in a way that expresses your unique style. This will make people who attend your trade show more interested. There are a number of things to keep in mind when considering how to light your trade show display. Even though display sets have their own lights, it is still important to contact the trade show venue that is holding the event to find out their lighting requirements.

Trade show venues are often worried about lighting because too much lighting may pose a fire safety risk. Many trade shows start in the morning and go straight through the evening, so these lights will be on for several hours. If the lights were not made for this purpose, they may overheat. Since the lighting will be close to cloth and paper, these overheated bulbs can spark flames. You must contact the venue to discuss any lighting equipment you plan on using. You do not want your display to be shut down because you didn't follow the lighting guidelines.

You can start designing a lighting pattern for you display after you have received approval from the venue for your proposed lighting equipment. Customers tend to be attracted to displays that are brightly-lit. Lighting is a practical and efficient way to draw attention and traffic to your display without costing you too much money. There are many different ways you can set up your lighting to enhance your display and draw in customers. You should make yourself familiar with different lighting arrangements in order to get the most out of your lights.

Dramatic lighting can set your display apart from the other displays. For instance, back lighting can be used from the ground to achieve an eye-catching appearance. You will want to use lighting to your advantage. Highlight the most important parts of your display or the things you want to sell the most. It is important to enhance your booth by drawing attention to the areas you want your customers to see. You can emphasize these areas of your booth with different lights.

It is easy to give your booth a look that will stand out from the rest. You can place lights in many different areas to give your stand a multi-dimensional look that will attract guests and customers. A unique way to make your booth stand out from the others is to have lights that change colors. This will give you an advantage over other vendors. You can also use color filters or color wheels to create dynamic lighting effects for your display.
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Brent Smookler has attended many different trade shows for his company. In Brent's case, he prefers using a Pop Up Display or a Graphic Panels with dimensional lighting, giving his displays a well-focused feel. The portable trade show display booths save him time and money, and the expertly placed lighting does wonders for his client base.
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