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How to Get Ahead of Your MLM Competition with Articles

Aug 8, 2008
As many newbies join the profession of network marketing with aspirations of financial independence, it becomes more difficult to develop a unique selling position among your competitors. If you are doing belly-to-belly prospecting, hotel pep rallies, conference calls, then you are most likely achieving minimal success because everybody and their mama are doing the same thing too and also achieving minimal success.

The key to success in multi-level marketing (MLM) or network marketing as it is also called is differentiating yourself from the masses. That is creating a unique selling position (USP). The best way to set yourself apart is by writing articles. I love telling people this because writing articles and posting them in article directories across the web is totally free to do. That is FREE advertising. You can't beat that.

When my mentor told me to start writing articles, I had no clue what to write about. I thought I had to be expert enough to write for the New York Times newspaper. I thought I would have to sit at a computer for hours on end to type out a 500+ word article worth reading. The fact of the matter is that you do not need to be an expert writer to write for a national known newspaper. Your experience in article writing starts right now.

The fact is that you are already an expert in what you do regardless of industry. If you were a mail delivery driver, you could write two paragraphs on your experiences as a postal delivery man. You are able to accomplish this because you know more about yourself than anybody else. With network marketing, it is no different.

How do you go about writing articles? You read up on something such as the training literature, any marketing techniques you are currently using, or the benefits of a particular health and wellness product and start writing articles about it. Then you share with your audience what you learned from your research by reading, watching videos, personal experiences, or listening to audio training. When you publish your articles in article directories, those who browse through the directories will find your words interesting. Many readers will relate to you by reading your words on paper or computer screen. When you write articles, your message reaches throughout the entire world while the rest of your network marketing competitors are still doing MLM the old fashioned way by setting up tables at the local fair, doing meetings, conference calls, etc. with very limited exposure.

Thanks to former vice president Al Gore, the internet is here to stay. When you publish your articles in article directories, you are conveying your message continuously for everybody to see. Your message transcends time and distance.

There are newbies in network marketing who are looking for good mentors to take them hand-in-hand and show them the path to success. If you position yourself as an expert who gives quality content and instills value into the reader, your MLM business will grow faster than you can imagine.

Article marketing will place you ahead of your competition because if they are still doing MLM the old-fashioned way, you will get better results in terms of signups because they are not familiar with the power of the written word.

Article marketing works for all products and services. There is nothing that you can not write about to get your message out to your reader and get the exposure you need in order to get the success you want.
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Marco Abanico is a leader in the internet and network marketing industries and enjoys writing extensively on internet marketing strategies, network marketing lead generation, and getting free leads for your MLM business.
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