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Aug 8, 2008
Each one of us is special in our own little ways and often we don't realize it. Most of us spend our entire lives doing something that we don't want to do but have to so that we make ends meet. But it does not have to be like this anymore. In this age of internet and blogs you can now do what you really want to and make money too. Wondering how? Keep reading to find out how.

Well, consulting is a big business and it is all about giving people ideas, tips, suggestions and solutions when they have a problem. People blog because they want to talk about something and at times just about themselves. But often such people end up rediscovering what they have always wanted to do in life or what they are good at.

But if you already know that then you are a few steps ahead of them and already on your way to making money online. And believe me when I say that, if you are really good at it then you might as well end up earning a fortune for yourself. Want to know more? Keep reading.

There are people who have worked all their lives amongst various kinds of people, people of different temperaments, people of different colors, people from different backgrounds and parts of the world etc. I know one of them who quit his job because he was way too frustrated because of the constant tension and running around and trying to adjust with all different kinds of people to get the job done. He started blogging to pass his post retirement time. Do you know what happened?

While telling people all about his work life he discovered what was wrong with them and why people were behaving in such a difficult manner all the time. He started telling people how they too could change for better and helped hundreds of people transform before a publishing house found him and offered him a chance to write a book about self improvement and how to transform self so as to fit better in the social and professional circle. He is now paid hundreds of dollars every hour to share his knowledge and help transform employees of some of the biggest corporate in the world. He gives all the credit to blogging.

There are hundreds of other such examples where people started showing and doing on blogs what they have been really good at. People have been writing poems on their blogs which have fetched them hundreds of dollars and contracts from publishers.

You might be passionate about reading and people are willing to pay you the price of a book to find out if it's worth reading and their time. So while you get to read a lot of books, which you obviously like to, you also get a chance to make some money.

What I am trying to tell you here is that blogs are a great marketing tool if used properly. It's like you have a skill and you want people to know about it. But then most of us don't have enough resources to advertise the same. Blogs are a great way to do marketing while spending just about nothing. You can start blogging and then invite friends, family, peers and professionals, companies to take a look at your blog and leave their feedback and who knows? And who knows if they like your work you might well be on your way to a great future doing what you've always wanted to do.

And in the meantime make money by posting some ads on pay per click basis or by allowing companies like Google AdSense to place them and pay you for whosoever checks out that ad through your website.
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