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Want Great Customer Service? Then You Gotta Know What to Ask!

Jinger Jarrett
Aug 8, 2008
The longer you've been online, the more likely you are to have had some type of problem. Maybe you bought a product and then realized you didn't know how to use it. Sometimes, no matter how many times you read the documentation, you just don't get it.

That's OK because none of us knows everything there is to know about everything. What you need is support.

Here are five things you can do to get the best possible customer service and resolve your problem as quickly as possible.

1. Decide exactly what the problem is. Did you not receive the product? Don't understand the instructions? If you have other questions, write these down. Then you may ask all of your questions at the same time and get answers faster.

2. Find out how to contact the company. If you bought the product online, you will need to go back to the original site. Look for a "Contact US" or "Support" page. If you bought an affiliate product, you need to contact the original site. Most affiliates won't have access to the product or the information you need.

Find the best way to contact the site. Legitimate sites will have a way for you to contact them to get your problem solved, and they will offer clear contact instructions.

3. If the site offers a FAQ, read over the FAQ. See if your question has been answered already. This will save you a ton of time if the question has already been answered.

4. If you have followed the steps above, and you still don't know the answer, contact the company. State your problem as clearly as you can. Include relevant links, receipts, email messages, error messages or anything else. By providing as much information as possible, you save the company, and yourself, time in having to both answer and research the problem.

5. Check back to see if your support request has been answered. Many companies now use support desks because email is so unreliable. Rarely is it necessary to use the phone to resolve a support request unless you are a complete technophobe, or this is the only way you may contact the company.

If the ticket is closed, this usually means the problem has been solved. Read the solution. If you still need assistance, reopen the ticket and add further questions/comments.

Above all, keep your cool. It's easy to get frustrated and lose your temper. You will resolve the problem more quickly if you do.

Use these strategies, and you'll get your customer issues solved more quickly. One thing all businesses have in common is we want to help our customers. How may we help you?
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