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5 Article Writing Tips for Affiliates

Jinger Jarrett
Aug 8, 2008
One of the best reasons to write is articles is that you can write articles on any topic. Whether you sell your own products and services, or someone elses, you can use articles to promote.

Although there are many ways to write an article, the easiest type of article to write is a tip sheet. Give a list of tips for a particular topic. Tips are popular because they're easy to skim, and it makes it easier to read online.

If you're an affiliate writing articles, you will need to make a few minor changes when writing your articles.

1. Create a basic website.

If you're selling affiliate programs, you probably don't have a website. If you're not technically proficient, or you don't know how to build a website, the easiest thing to do is build some type of blog or Squidoo lens. These are easy to build, and you can make them topical. You may also add other affiliate programs related to the topic. This allows you to create additional streams of income.

One of the biggest mistakes new affiliates can make is to market only one program. If that company goes out of business, the affiliate won't have any other income coming in. These simple websites help you avoid that.

2. Use your product to create your tip sheets.

Good affiliates know their products. They buy them. They read them or use them depending on what type of product it is. By using the product you are selling, it allows you to gain a competitive advantage over other affiliates. You can give potential buyers a better taste of what the product does.

A good tip sheet tells things about what the product does in a generic way. Make sure that the product you are offering actually solves the problem you are writing about. Formulate several lists of bullet points so you can write several articles.

3. Read the guidelines for the article directory you plan to use.

Most, if not all, article directories have some type of guidelines for the type of articles they accept. Most won't accept articles with affiliate links in the resource box, or articles with links in the body copy. Only general directories will accept just about every type of article. For example, don't promote your internet marketing articles in a gardening directory.

4. Write more than one article per product you are promoting.

I mentioned this one earlier: creating multiple bullet points to draw tip sheets from.

If you've ever read anything about bum marketing, you know to write at least thirty articles. The more articles you have promoting a product or site, the more traffic you will get. Because some of your articles will succeed and some won't, the more articles you have, the more traffic you will drive to the affiliate products.

5. Stick to about three different topics.

In his book, "How to Become a Recognized Authority in 60 Days or Less", copywriter Robert Bly recommends developing three different specialties. This way, you have more than one area where you can make money. The other side of this is that you're not stretched so thin writing on so many topics. Again, this allows you to develop multiple streams of income without putting too many eggs in one basket.
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