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How to properly write Adwords Ads

Aug 8, 2008
In affiliate marketing, there are a lot of factors to keep it successful and one of them is having the right adwords ads. Experts say that the higher up a search ladder goes, the higher potential clicks can be achieved primarily because searchers will often see your ads firsthand. So how do you effectively write an adword ad?

The first and the most important tip for writing adwords ads is to create a catchy headline. The best and the most relevant ads normally are at higher chances of achieving higher clicks. Keep in mind that headlines for your ads can either make or break your adword campaign. There are various ways of creating catch headlines and all it takes is for you to further understand it. When you make ads and headlines, try to make them as questions because this can generally keep your searchers interested. You can also try offering instructions, such as How to Lose Weight in One Week. For a more creative approach, a headline that tells a story is very effective. This can really spark the interest of your readers, thus making them click on your ads so they could read some more.

When you write adwords ads, as much as possible, avoid mentioning things or facts you are not familiar with. Be sure instead to talk about something that you know about. When people notice this, there is a greater chance for them to click on your ad since they may be interested to learn some more. However, you can also be as wacky and as unbelievable as well. This can easily catch the attention of people. One classic example is the phrase "Losing Weight without Exercise". Although this may really sound absurd, people can easily notice this, thus making them prospects for your ads.

Making comparisons also help a lot in effective adword ad writing. In reality, people will always look for something better. When you compare, do it with your products that have well-known competitors. Another great idea, moreover, is to use the Three Dots. It has long been proven by experts that doing so can obtain a number of customers. This is basically because when people see these dots after a phrase, they somehow think there is more detail and information to find out.

Using the keyword "secret" is very effective as well. When these are used in headlines, expect a steady flow of searchers. The same thing also applies for the "You Need To" phrase. However, for some people the term might sound negative as it exudes a command more than a request, this approach is likely to attract customers since when you tell them what to do and they are interested about it, they will click on your ad instinctively.

When it comes to effective writing of adwords ads, there are a lot of tips you can learn. As long as you are creative and you have the desire to learn for more, in no time you can really gain more clicks and customers.

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