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Court Reporting Schools Offer a World of Career Opportunities

Aug 8, 2008
How many of us have tried to choose a degree but just keeping changing our minds on what we want to do? Personally, I've done it many times. In fact for many people who are in the process of choosing what they want to do for the rest of their lives, court reporting doesn't usually hit their radar. There are however a lot of things that many people do not know about the job. When you think of being a court reporter, what do you think of? Well I'm sure many of us see it as the person sitting in a court room typing away as lawyer's do their thing. However going to court reporting schools and being a court reporter may not be what you think it is.

Obviously as mentioned above many court reporters are able to make really good money. As I mentioned before there is a high demand for this job, and many people end up working overtime and you know what overtime may bring? Extra cash. Here's another point you may not know about. Many people who go to court reporting schools to earn a degree, also work from home. It's true. They can work from home as a freelancer if they wish too and work for themselves. Technology these day's is just amazing, isn't it? Or if working from home doesn't appeal to you, you can also look for work from a court reporting agency or even an independent contractor.

So remember how I mentioned before about how people who have finished court reporting schools have gone on to do other things rather then going on to be an actual court reporter. Many people who have finished school have easily gone on to become hired by a broad casting company to provide closed-captioning for the hearing impaired. The point here is that you do have options and they are totally up to you.

So was that something that you weren't really expecting? Not many people realize what you are able to do when you go to court reporting schools. One thing you may want to keep in mind is the fact that it may take roughly two to four years of school for you to learn your basic skills. Plus if you are a fast typer then you are well on your way. If now is the time that you are looking at a degree, take a look into court reporting, you may just be happy you did.
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