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How To Receive Thousands Of Guaranteed Visitors To Your Website For Free

Aug 8, 2008
If you really want to earn continuous traffic to your website then might want to consider the following.

You could check out a major traffic exchange that has been around and is established. Prinarily, one that has tens of thousands of members. This description will narrown down your selection process quickly. Let this one be your main exchange. Subsequently, you could get involved with other exchanges as well to add to your surfing experience. No matter who you are or where you're from, this system will eventually give you fantastic results.

Don't just look at a site and never do anything and expect things to happen, you must have a definite purpose and plan in mind.

You could exchange ideas and encourage each other. You could even email each other at times while you are surfing to break up the monontony at times.

Logging on everyday could prove to be beneficial in the long run. At times surfing at all of those sites can be mundane at times but well worth the effort. There is a free browser called crazy browser that will enable you to toggle back and forth through your many exchange memberships.

Now the trick is to be consistent with your surfing. Can you be consistent?

If you are consistent you will begin to see increased website traffic. This added traffic will become pleasantly addictive. In turn this will allow you to increase your traffic even more by motivating you to surf for longer periods of time. After your first week of surfing, suppose you raise the bar a little and reset your goals again. What do you think would happen if you were involved with just a few more exchanges and start surfing regularly?

You will get to enjoy surfing for approximately 2-3hrs every day with at least 10 or more exchanges at the very least. Remember the cost is free. You will soon see that the many exchanges will start rewarding you with free credits (hits) in exchange for you surfing a few more sites. Let me give you a few examples.

One popular site will put up a traffic stop sign. This will halt your surfing for a moment. Then they will ask you a very easy question that nobody can get wrong. When you answer their question you may receive 5, 10 and sometimes even 25 more credits.

Another popular site will even try to set the surfing goals for you. By that I mean the following, let's say that you have surfed 50 sites and they give you 10 free credits as your reward. Then they will put a message up saying, "Surf 100 more sites and receive 65 credits".

Get the picture? So you say to yourself this is great, I surf 100 more sites and receive an additional 65 credits in return for my time and labor. That is like getting paid time and half for helping yourself receive additional traffic to your website. This is truly a win-win situation.

1. Remember your main exchange and the other free programs. Don't forget about the crazy browser that will allow you to surf more sites quicker thus achieving more traffic.

2. Advertising your main exchange to everyone can be profitable, remember your goals and you will begin to build a downline. The added benefit means more traffic for you through the work of others. Now that just makes good sense doesn't it? Suddenly your time and efforts are soon multiplied exponentially!

3. Could you log onto your main exchange weekly to review their current rankings of other sites? They will be ranked according to the number of hits received or produced. This is definitely where you want your membership to be. When you start understanding the benefits of being involved with the many different exchanges you will quickly figure out which main traffic exchange to deal with.

4. If you are a little lazy or you happen to miss a few days of surfing you can still stay on track with credits.

Make up your mind and you will soon quickly discover, that your website is starting to attract a significant increase of traffic. And guess what? You controlled your fate! Now, your future will look, feel and actually become much more brighter because you will start earning more money consistently and inexpensively!
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