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How An Old Japanese Technique Mines Gold From Your Website

Aug 8, 2008
Your website promotion effort is not getting the results you want. This is because of a bunch of tiny little factors. These are the factors that are killing your website promotion efforts.

Here's something I want you to consider. What do you think makes the difference between the sites that really do strike gold in their own niche and those that don't!?

Could it be a large start up capital? No. Google was started by 2 penniless university students.

Is it university education and expertise? Nope, Yahoo was started by 2 school boys in their mid teens!

Is it luck? No way. That's like saying success is only a matter of luck. That means doctors & surgeons need luck to keep us alive! Olympic gold medalists are just lucky 'on the day' ... what a waste of all that training. Look, even gambling is 'not' a matter of luck, not for the long term professional winners anyway!

So what is the answer? A simple Japanese word, "Kaizen", is the answer which implies "continuous improvement" (but actually means "continuous feedback"). That is how the Japanese motorcycle, automotive and electronics industries left the rest of the world in the dust, starting in the 1970s.

That is how we make skyscrapers out of little more than sand & rocks. Yes, both concrete & glass are made from sand. Steel is made from Iron which itself is made from a rock (called iron ore and most of us couldn't tell iron ore from other rocks).

Kaizen is how a skinny kid becomes a muscle bound Olympic gold medalist in just a few short years and the list goes on. I know you agree with me so far. Here's the thing ...

That's how you're going to turn your website, from where it is today, into a leader in your niche with just tiny little baby steps. Yes "baby steps".

So your next step should be to find just one tiny improvement that you make to your site. Don't waste time worrying about any other problems, just make that one improvement. And then repeat the above step, continuously.

Any successful person will tell you, this is a much faster and more surefire route to where you want to be than constantly looking for a shortcut. You know what I'm talking about, those "systems", "schemes" and "formulas" that promise the world 'today'!

Use Kaizen and before you know it, you'll be that (online) Olympic champ. But guess what, others will say "wow, how did you do that!". And oh yes, many will say about you " ... he got lucky ... he was at the right place, at the right time"!

But we know better don't we! So just make a note of "Kaizen" and stick it to your computer ... with Kaizen we'll get there, fast. You're now officially an (online) Olympian. So take the next baby step to that gold medal.
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