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The Power of Networking in Your Career and Social Life

Aug 9, 2008
There was a time when people went to what were known as mixers. These were social and/or business get-together with an informal air about them; where the people could relax, mix, and get to know each other. Often times, business deals and relationships were the results of such meetings. Today, the same thing is true, but now it has gone global.

If you are trying to sell yourself whether it is your services as a writer, an engineer etc. or you are selling a product you make; or you are just looking for friendship, a network can really help you. Now sure, you can do it locally, you can join a writers group or a church social; or maybe you are part Italian, and so you join the local Italian-American club.

But, sometimes these sorts of things are not available to you. It could be something as simple as you are from India, but you are living on a farm in Kansas. Trying to build friendships with people from your own country would be tough in such a situation!

This is where the power of the Internet can help you. And, the best thing about networking is that you never truly know which connection is going to lead to that all-important lead that helps you achieve your goal. As an example: maybe you're a writer looking for work.

You do a video blurb or use some of the networking techniques that videos can offer. a businessman who needs a promotional script for a short piece of animation he is doing for his website sees your efforts, and hires you. You do a good job, and he mentions you to an accountant friend who happens to work for a motion picture studio.

That man has an idea for a movie or TV show, but he doesn't know anything about writing. So, he contacts you, you strike a deal, and together you turn his ideas into a script. Through his connections at the studio, he gets the script in front of the right people. Before you know it, you've sold your first major script; and got your foot in the door with a production company.

This is the power of networking; you never know which lead is going to turn into your big break. So, check out some of the package deals that video4leads offers. When you see their prices, and realize how reasonable they are; you'll understand the enormous potential behind what they offer.
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