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Do You Really Need A Job or Feel Maximum Incommodity?

Aug 9, 2008
Noting that many of our culture and society dislikes incommodity, incommodity according to most dictionaries is defined as inconvenient. Generally incommodity is logically and truly defined as something that causes that causes difficulty, trouble, or lack of ease. Society is indeed correct when it comes to its definition, however, you should shape and build your own definition when it comes to such magical word.

My years of research and learning for many of our situations involve similar patterns; incommodity may bring the maximum best of you in a state of intolerance. A state of intolerance meaning as something that you highly dislike, however, noting lovable results when such intolerance have been successfully dealt with and ended by you! With that in mind we should sub-consciously ask ourselves; are life best visions acquired with ease?

While a job might bring positive social distraction it might not be the best option for you if being in a job is just a state of survival, of just putting food on the table or perhaps in your case, for accomplishing tasks that might bring greater joy and satisfaction to others as a good son or daughter. Safety and being secure is something loved by everyone healthy and responsible; however, it needs to be said from personal discoveries that it might not be the wisest move for your specific situation.

Most of us want to satisfy and bring joy to our immediate family, relatives, friends and perhaps, other people we still do not yet know- however, if according to Dr. Ephrem and his great modern research of life span if retire from a job at an age of around 50, we can expect to live to age 86, another whooping 36 years than you would be very happy if a purpose is set. Judging such studies and research conducted from such popular doctor, we might even believe that we may live up to 150 years of age if we retire in our mid 20s.

With minimum amount of humor but with strict notation from many experiences, if the expectancy of life is notably less than 86 years of age for few of us and less for others who do not follow such inverse relationship, than you could say with true bases of incommodity: I need to retire right now or retire very shortly in the next months.

Life is truly a magnificent gift. However, if you are one of those who think that life should be lived on agony and with unpleasant views for next days work, you should highly consider retiring anytime soon noting that you may be fine for the better in the long term. Most importantly, noting that the purpose of you still being in a job might already have possibilities of being successfully achieved because of your dexterity and already established relationships in such field, you should resign if the short term and long term results will be much healthier for you and your loved ones.

Something I would definitely like to remind you, if you have a job, make sure you really enjoy it. Make sure that such tasks that you do on a daily basis are consciously and sub-consciously fun. Most importantly, make sure that whatever is that you end up doing correlates with your actual working strengths. You will have more chances of living a life of eternal joy and happiness!
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