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How To Purchase Links To Make Money With The Internet

Aug 9, 2008
First, it has to be said that many feel their sites have been penalized for purchasing links. Typically what the pattern seems to follow is that sites that have already gained a fair amount of trust prior to buying links can do very well doing this.

However, sites that are newer may run into problems. So we shall lie out the facts and figures and let you go from here making your own choices.

Buy only permanent or yearlong links. Do not spend over $5/month on average per link and there are plenty out there for that amount. Approach the sites probably not making any money and buy links from them.

Beware of links that may fit into any of the following classifications: home pages of high PR sites, long lists at the bottom or sides of pages, links under 'sponsored links' text, links that are 'run of site', and sites designed to sell links!

So what do you look for? The site will be associated with certain neighborhoods and make sure the site is the right theme. PageRank is often the most popular way of estimating the value of the link. Best of all, do a link search on Yahoo.

Everything is about 'trust' and there is no tool to really check a site's trust. Next, check for traffic. If the link buy is based on traffic, the ROI will come from the actual conversions, and the SEO value would be gravy. Just verify everything to be safe!

There are so many scams out there that you need to view the page source and actual code of the link. Check the HTML link and if there is a tag, it should be okay. Also, watch if there is a rotation of sponsors. Why would someone stop selling if it's working?

It's difficult to measure positive results from your purchased links. Are you ranking higher on Google three months later? If not, the links probably are not helping you. The question must arise "What can happen to me for buying these links?"

First, you are not going to jail, nor go bankrupt. However, your site can get kicked out of the SE's. Your rank can be lowered 30 positions (this is a new "minus thirty penalty") related to buying links according to recent forum and blog discussions.

There is no doubt you can make more money on the Internet with additional links, but you need to beware of the many technical pitfalls. And when buying links, it may be best to think as naturally as possible and acquire links over time.
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