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What To Avoid For With SEO Consulting To Make Money On The Internet

Aug 9, 2008
In today's world one often wonders if SEO consulting has a future. In Quasi-Publishing having an editorial position in a niche where you act as both a thought leader and a promoter allows you to shift focus as desired or needed would be great.

And in house SEO training where you help others succeed in a training program and offer guidance could offer you satisfaction in a worthwhile position.

Perhaps working with some sort of SEO tools or software product that adds incremental value to the SEO process is what you desire. This model could work for companies that get SEO but are temporary IT related roadblocks that prevent indexing.

The most lucrative for you to make money on the Internet would be to promote your own site and brands than working for other clients. As time passes on in the most competitive age I see the business model as having limited long-term value for most SEO consultants.

Most prospective SEO customers are not ranked well because their businesses are unremarkable and have little to no competitive advantage. Worse yet, some of them have arbitrary constraints that hold back growth potential.

As the web gets more competitive many of the best SEO techniques are going to relate to content strategies and how a client interacts with the media and people in their marketplace. This is something that is hard to control as an external consultant.

Businesses that "really" get SEO and value SEO bring it in house. Those with in house SEO teams sometimes hire 3rd party consultants, but there is a limit to what they can spend before their own competency is called into question.

Most of the time clients do not want you to mention them, and if you do there is a risk that Google will edit the ROI right out of your service.

Those who have not fully bought off on the power of SEO often end up underpaying the first time they buy service, which precludes honey consultants from working with them. And after they have been burned once, they want to minimize future risks.

In many cases it would be cheaper, easier, and more profitable building from scratch with a strong brand and domain name and an internal team pushing with SEO to get things done.

The complexity of SEO makes the barrier to entry much higher and that is they I give the advice to avoid the traditional consulting. You can make more money with the Internet, and have fewer headaches by promoting your own site and brands.
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