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3 Things To Think About When Purchasing Protective Clothing

Christine O'Kelly
Aug 9, 2008
People in certain careers know that protective clothing can be a necessity. If you're the one responsible for buying, how do you know you're purchasing the right kind of clothing? Three things to think about before purchasing protective clothes are: the materials the clothing is made of, the different kinds of clothing available and the cost.

There are many uses for protective clothes. If you're painting or doing general maintenance, Tyvek coveralls can help keep your regular clothes free of dirt, grease or paint. They can also be used when using chemicals, around radioactive particles, when removing mold or in other potentially dangerous situations. At some point, almost everyone will find protective clothes necessary, even if it's just while painting around the house.

The Materials Used To Make Protective Clothing

Many different materials make up protective clothing. Tyvek is a popular material. Tyvek is made of high density of polyethylene and is extremely resilient to paint, aerosols, blood borne pathogens and other materials you don't want on your skin or clothing.

Tyvek coveralls are very difficult to rip or tear and can be reused. At the same time, they are cheap enough that they can be thrown away when they do start to show signs of wear. They maintain a barrier for liquid, yet still let heat to pass through so they are comfortable for the wearer.

If you can find recycled Tyvek coveralls, they are usually cheaper. Also you know you're reusing something that would have been thrown away if recycling weren't available.

The Many Kinds Of Protective Clothing

There are many types of protective garments for nearly every use imaginable. You can find biohazard suits, complete with elastic cuffs and ankles, pants, shirts, shoe covers and hoods. Also available are Tyvek coveralls and even an extremely lightweight jacket that marathoners can use to keep themselves warm and dry.

How To Reduce Cost

The cost of protective clothing is dependant on many factors. Recycled clothing is usually up to 40% less expensive than non-recycled clothing. If you can find recycled Tyvek coveralls, you will save money without compromising the protection of your employees.

Sizes and quantity purchased can also affect the price. Buying Tyvek coveralls by the case will often be cheaper than buying them individually. A shirt may cost more than a pair of pants so it's a good idea to ensure you know exactly what you're looking for when comparing prices.

Most people will have a need for protective clothing at some point in their lives. Anyone who works around dirt, grease, mold or other potentially dangerous materials can use coveralls to protect their clothing.
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Christine O'Kelly is an author for Disposable Garments, a company that specializes in protective clothing . They sell Tyvek coveralls, as well as shirts, pants and other clothing items.
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