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Overview of Three Popular Internet Games

Aug 9, 2008
There are thousands of games available for play on the Internet and if you want to make the most of your gaming time, it is best to sort through only the best of the stock. Therefore, descriptions of three of the most popular Internet games follow to help you make a quick decision about what to play.

World of Warcraft is by far the most popular Internet game available on the market. Developed by Blizzard Entertainment, World of Warcraft (most commonly referred to as WoW) is the largest massively multiplayer online roleplaying game (MMORPG) in the world. It was released in November, 2004, and since then there have been two expansion packs. The gameplay can be quite complex, but it is based off the user controlling an in world avatar. You travel around a massive virtual world, fighting creatures, completing quests, and meeting with other players as well as NPCs (non-player characters). The addicting aspect of it is the leveling up, in that the more you fight and the more quests you complete, the stronger your character becomes.

That is one of the few negative aspects of WoW; the addiction factor. Some people become so immersed in the world they forget that they have real physical needs, such as sleeping and eating (this is actually quite common). In addition, there is also a monthly fee for playing, and you need to buy software. If you want to try the game out without making any commitment, you do have the option to download a trial from the Blizzard website. What could it hurt, except your social life?

The next option, albeit simple, is actually incredibly popular to this day, despite its basic graphics and gameplay. Tetris, developed in 1985 by a Russian programmer named Alexey Pajitnov, is based on assembling blocks in lines. When a line is formed, it disappears, and the user gains points. By clearing multiple lines at one time, the player can gain additional bonus points. The name comes from the word tetra and the word tennis, tetra being a component because all the Tetris pieces are composed of four blocks, while tennis was included simply because Pajitnov loved the sport.

You can play Tetris for free on dozens of different websites, as it is so popular many people have built their own versions for fun. In fact, several versions have been customized with additional features to make the game more interesting, as even though Tetris is quite fun, it is after all just a bunch of blocks being put together.

Counter Strike is one of the original first person, multiplayer shooting games. Since its inception, three sequels and several upgrades have been released. In the game, players either assume the position of a terrorist or a counter-terrorist, and teams must fight it out in order to win. In some scenarios, you need to complete a certain objective to win, such as setting a bomb or rescuing hostages.

Or, the first team to completely annihilate the other is the victor. The game is also very customizable and flexible, in that you can create your own maps as well as set special rules, like establishing a game where only knives can be used. While one does need to purchase software, there is no monthly fee to play online.
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