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Traffic Secrets 20 Review

Aug 9, 2008
What is the significance of the TITLE tag? The document TITLE has the most significant effect on the visibility of a page. Not only will it have a direct effect on the ranking of a page, but it is the text that will be presented in search results. Make it short and relevant. Use words that reflect the theme of the page (i.e. the search phrase) and that will make your title stand out. Avoid prefacing your title with the words "Welcome to..." and resist the temptation to place your company name in the title of every page. Aim for the editorial brevity of a newspaper headline.

What is a meta-tag? A meta-tag carries information about a document and is placed in the HEAD of the HTML page. An example of a meta-tag is the DESCRIPTION meta-tag; here's an example:

What is the significance of the DESCRIPTION meta-tag? Use the DESCRIPTION meta-tag, because by default this is what will accompany your entry in the results of most search engines. Make it short - about 150 characters or so - to ensure that it does not get truncated in search results, and make it interesting. Reiterate the TITLE and expand on the search phrase.

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Where should navigation links go? Make sure that navigation links and other text do not appear above your main text in the HTML source of your pages. If pages are designed with supplementary text in the left margin, then the rowspan tag should be used to move the main text to the top of the page: [empty cell] main text (cell rowspan=2) extra text
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