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Help! I'm Starting a New Business!

Aug 9, 2008
Starting a business can be a scary prospect. There are so many things to think about, from what product or service you will sell, to marketing, finding customers, doing the accounts, keeping the paperwork in check . . .the list goes on and on.

The juggle of starting a new business

The first few months of starting a new business is an incredibly exciting time, you are enthusiastic, passionate and have a burning desire to get your product or service to market. But it can also be overwhelming - working long hours and juggling the demands on your time. You still have your own life to deal with, your own property to manage and all the day to day tasks of your "normal" life. Add to this the stresses and strains of starting a new business and before you know it you can feel like you are living in a pressure cooker. Then disaster strikes, you need that vital piece of information for the tax man. You know you filed it on your computer, somewhere. Maybe you have a printed copy tucked away, but now it seems to have disappeared. In your attempt to juggle all those balls, you've finally dropped one.

How do you stay in control?

One way to ensure you keep in control when you are starting a new business is to enlist the help of other people - from asking your kids to stuff envelopes to using the services of a fully trained virtual assistant. A virtual assistant is a professional support service that operates remotely and acts like your very own personal assistant. They can take care of various tasks for you, from processing paperwork to carrying out internet research.

They are perfect for situations when you have day to day tasks that are taking you away from the thing that is most important - running your business. It's the ideal solution for a start up business because they don't drain money or resources in the same way as full time employees. You only pay for the work that they do and they often have a much wider range of skills than the average administrative assistant.

Ultimately you need to find a way to be able to focus on your business without getting dragged down by the many tasks that a business owner has to consider. By focusing on the business, rather than whether you've booked the right train to London, completed your excel spreadsheet or proofread a proposal, you can ensure continued growth and success.
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