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Ask Good Mentoring Tips For Your New Online Home Based Business Opportunity

Aug 9, 2008
The most difficult thing for a newbie is the huge information overload, which hits against his faces right in the start. It is a real problem to distinguish good, useful information from the useless one.

Even to judge, whether some information is true and working is impossible, which is natural. In this kind of a circumstance, the chance to lose the motivation and to skip the whole new online home based business opportunity is at its greatest.

1.You Have To Benefit From Your Mentor.

Your new online home based business opportunity needs working and proven tips from the very beginning and especially then. When you have more experience, you can by yourself select the working systems, but the start is critical.

Try to establish a good communication with your sponsor or with your mentor, because everything is up to the communication. It is important that you set the target to communicate with your mentor, so do not wait that he will do that.

2.Ask Before You Do.

The online home based business opportunity is a know how business. You either know it or you dont. Never do things if you are unsure, rather ask from your mentor, because he will most often know the answer to your problem right away.

3. Use Quick Tools For Communication.

The very nature of the internet marketing is quickness. It is amazing how quickly the motivation disappears, if you do not get the answer to some problem right away.
This means that the tools, that you use should also be quick, like email, phone or Skype or all of them.

4. Write Your Business Plan, Which Speaks Real Language.

The idea of the business plan is that your new online home based business opportunity gets the direction and the operative character. It is very useful that it will be street man language having targets and time tables, with the tracking of course.

When you have written your first version, why dont you mail it to your mentor and ask his comments on that. I am sure he will get some comments, which will sharpen the plan and make it more customer oriented with strong USP, for instance.

5. Use Your Mentors As Your Commentator.

When you write an article about your online home based business opportunity, send it first to your mentor and ask comments. I am sure you will benefit.

You can also ask his opinion about a new affiliate program, which you have planned to start to promote. Ask, whether it fits to your strategy or whether he has some other comments on that.

You can even ask his opinion about the keywords, you have planned to use. With email it is very easy and quick.

As you see from the examples, you can ask anything about your new online home based business opportunity. Actually this is the whole idea to have a mentor. You should ask practical questions, which you can utilize right away.
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