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Guide to Tropical Interior Design

Aug 9, 2008
During the winter months it?s normal for people to long to be in a warmer climate, and so would like to incorporate elements to suggest a tropical environment. Not only does this improve the mood, but it will also help people to relax and escape the pressures of modern life. Some people even decorate the wall in front of their desk at work with a poster of a tropical scene. These are to try and distract people that they are at work, and make them think of happier times. Everybody thinks of going on vacation when they see tropical scenes, which helps to relieve stress.

Simple ways to create a tropical theme

Posters are all well and good, but there?s much more you can do to create a great theme. Tropical environments are quite simple, and tranquil to help you relax. You should be able to imagine sitting out on the beach with the warm wind rushing through your hair and the sand between your toes! The tropics should be somewhere that you can relax, and there are many elements that you need to include to pull the theme off successfully.

If you go into a bar that has attempted a tropical theme then you will probably be quite disappointed as not many of them manage to pull it off! Sometimes if enough care is taken then it works perfectly. Many people wonder why it works sometimes, but fails others. The key is to create a warm, light and inviting atmosphere. The light should be as natural as possible, industrial lighting simply isn?t any good!

During nighttime the light dims, but there is still plenty of light provided by fires. There is still a warm breeze, although it is a little cooler. If you want to create the perfect theme then you should fit some huge windows, and make sure that you control the temperature so that it is kept warm during the day and cooler at night.


Bamboo isn?t really associated with the tropics, however using it in a tropical themed room can work wonders. You can use bamboo in many places, as wall coverings, mats, ceiling coverings, and even flooring. Bamboo can create a unique look for your room, since it?s a natural product every item will be slightly different. A bamboo hardwood floor is a great way to bring some extra color and design into your room easily.

To help the theme along even more you could use some fake palm tree leaves, you just have to be careful not to make it appear too tacky. Bamboo and palm trees will make anyone think that they are in Jamaica!

Making someone feel that they are tropical is fairly easy, but if you do it right you can improve that feeling even more! Just remember to focus on the basics. You need to have lots of light during the day, dim lighting at night and a warm environment.
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