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Garbage In, Garbage Out...The Reality of Making Money Online With an Internet Business

Aug 9, 2008
The odds are stacked heavily against you.

To succeed in Internet Marketing, and making money online, there are number of elements that have to be in place or you may join the 80% - plus that fail within one year.

So why do so many people fail to start making money online?

Well, my answer to that question lies in the reason they got into Internet business in the first place. Most folks get into this online marketing from that deceptive sales letter that tells and they can make $34,867 within 90 days online.

Those same folks are trying to escape a terrible nine to five job that they hated.

Unfortunately, these same folks have never even marketed a business before (or understand what true marketing is)... They have never built a business before to begin with... Nor have they ever grown and developed a business before. Heck, when I started, trying to grow a freelance copywriting business back in 2001... I had no business experience either.

That lack of business experience makes it very difficult to start out making big money online.

Think about how you got started on the internet, for real now, and the level of experience that you had in starting a business etc...

Does that mean it's impossible to make big money online without this business experience? No, but the odds are stacked against you.

It goes back to that old saying:

"Garbage in, garbage out".

I'm not trying to insult you, but rather give you the right expectation to have in making money online.

* It would be like starting in boxing, and expecting to go up against Mike Tyson and win.

* It would be like starting to play baseball, and expecting to join the major leagues and make the All-Star game in the same year.

* It would be like starting to invest in real estate, and jump to invest in commercial real estate and make billions of dollars like Donald Trump.

You get the picture, it would be like starting in Internet business... And expecting to make $1,000,000 in your first year. All of these things are possible, and I don't want to discount that possibility... But all of these things are rather unlikely to happen.

By "Garbage in Garbage out", I mean that the sum of your talents going into making money online will equal the sum of your talents and the income you earn in your first days of an Internet business. Yes, people do get lucky and miracles do happen, but those miracles are few and far between.

So in conclusion, I ask you to think about the following...

* What does a new boxer do when they get started?

* What does a rookie baseball player do when they get started?

* A new real estate investor? A new internet business owner?

They'll make a plan to get better, and they practice, practice, practice... All towards mastering their craft. As you pay your dues, make your mistakes (which you will make them, so quit trying to avoid it), and gain valuable experience through practice, you will get better at this Internet business thing.

And when you get better... Well, I will leave the rest to your vivid imagination. :)

Until the next time we look in the mirror together...
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