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International Auto Shipping from The U.S. To Brazil

Aug 9, 2008
International auto shipping to Brazil is done almost exclusively by boat. The ships that leave Detroit carrying cargos of compacts, SUV's and pick-up trucks go down the Mississippi and out through the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean to the shores of Brazil where vehicles are offloaded for transport inland. The interior route is either by boat along the Amazon or by carrier overland.

Brazil, in shear mass, is the largest country in South America and almost as large as the entire continental United States. Its national language is Portuguese and it was established by Portuguese and Spanish merchants who were sailing to America with cargoes of supplies, weapons and slaves. These Europeans mingled with the native people of the continent and the inhabitants today are a mix of Portuguese, Spanish and Indian blood.

The cities of Brazil are modern and cosmopolitan. International auto shipping is prosperous because there is a healthy demand for American cars and trucks. The population is densest along the eastern coast, where Rio de Janeiro is located, and along the Amazon. The trade routes that are used for the journey have been established since the early 18th Century.

Imported cars from Asia and Europe can also be found in Brazil. The overseas international auto shipping route is the same one taken by Columbus five hundred years ago. The Atlantic current that carried the Nina, the Pinta and the Santa Maria still flows past the Azores and across the Atlantic to the Caribbean. Ships laden with Mercedes, BMW's and Italian sports cars travel to Brazil daily and provide the population with a taste of European flavor that their ancestors would have appreciated.

Asian imports are less common but Toyotas, the best selling car in the world, can often be found in Brazil. The opening of the Panama Canal in the early 20th Century opened up new shipping lanes that international auto shipping companies use to go from Asia or California to the eastern shores of Brazil. This route has been available since the invention of the automobile but has only recently seen heavy traffic. Before 1970, all automobiles in Brazil came from either the United States or Europe. It has only been in the past thirty years that imports from Japan have made any headway in South America.

International auto shipping from the United States began in the 1920's and has grown ever since. International auto shipping has become a multi-billion dollar business in less than one hundred years and it doesn't appear to be slowing down. With the development of new technology and automobiles that don't burn gasoline, the industry is poised for another industrial revolution. International auto shipping companies will soon have fleets of hydrogen powered vehicles transporting thousands of new electric or solar cars to destinations around the world. The future looks promising and the environment is becoming more of a concern for the auto makers of tomorrow. Brazil is a nation that is preserving its natural beauty while developing into a modern economic power. Hopefully the United States will learn to do the same.
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