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Direct Sales Home Party Games for Preschoolers

Aug 9, 2008
When most people think of direct sales, a casual gathering of adults is what comes to mind. If the product you are selling is geared toward children, however, you need a party plan that will include them as well.

Parents buy things for their kids more readily than they will for themselves, and if the children are present your chances of sales rises dramatically. If you are marketing toys or other children's items, the best way to draw your customers in is to let the kids take a few products for a test drive!

Your party plan should take into account the age level of the children attending. Make sure you have a range of products available to suit each child, and set up a play area in an uncrowded space for them to check out your samples prior to starting the home party games.

There are several great direct sales companies that offer products for preschoolers, and these almost sell themselves. As your guests arrive, you can direct the children to the play area, offer the parents a quick refreshment and let them browse through the catalogs. Then the home party games can begin!

Musical games are a great favorite of preschoolers, and you can seamlessly weave the toys into the fun. Lay out inexpensive freebie toys in a circle, and use plain white name tag stickers to number the kids' shirts. Start the music, and when it stops you can pull a number out of a hat. The lucky child with the corresponding tag wins the toy he or she is standing by!

Another great way to generate a few almost locked in direct sales at your party is to play another music game with coupons as the prize. Seat the children in a circle, and let mom or dad sit behind them. Tell the children they have a chance to win a prize for their parents this time!

Have a few brightly wrapped tiny boxes ready with coupons (these can be for things the company offers anyway, like discounts on multiple purchases, or ten percent off an order of a specific amount). Have the children pass one box at a time around the circle to the music, stopping and awarding the boxes until they are all gone.

This home party game is nearly guaranteed to result in a few sales, as the children will be so proud to have won the coupon that they will want Mom or Dad to use it. A coupon in hand will also make the parents feel like they are missing out on the opportunity if they don't take advantages of the proffered savings!

Make sure your party plan includes a small non-messy refreshment for the children to sit and munch on while you wrap up the business end of things. You can often find or prepare simple snacks that tie into the products you are selling, or use blown up laminated photos of the toys as placemats.

A preschooler based party plan will concentrate on selling to the children as much as to the parents, so the home party games and product advertising should be presented on their level for maximum results. After all, if the kids are hooked, Mom and Dad will be more likely to buy!
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Rayven Perkins is a 7 year direct sales representative. Her site http://www.direct-sales-supplies.com offers game ideas, tips, and hard to find consultant supplies for all distributors in the party plan industry.
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