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Bar Furniture: Building an Excellent Relationship With Your Supplier

Aug 9, 2008
How many times have you ended up screaming your lungs out when your supplier failed to stick to the deadline? How many times has your supplier left messages on your answering machine? You might be one of those bar owners that end up with hypertension after years of dealing in stressing business deals, but how can you avoid all this tension with your suppliers? There are 5 key elements to maintain an excellent relationship with your bar furniture supplier. Those elements must be kept in mind at all times in order for your life to be easier in relationship to supplies.

1. Communication

Communication is the number one element in any given relationship, be it: friendship, work, or even marriage. Effective communication is highlighted by two main factors: availability and attentiveness.

Availability is important when it comes to your relationship with your supplier in the sense that communication channels must always be open. Did your supplier miss a deadline because your cell phone was off when he couldn't find the color you wanted? Keeping your cell phone and checking your email are one of the ways to be available in case of emergency; this will enable your supplier to contact you without any hassles - making your relationship free of tension.

Attentiveness is also important, since no one likes people who don't listen. Did you supplier mention a delay but you were busy playing FreeCell while talking to him? Were you distracted with an employee next to you? Attentiveness is important since it prevents the occurrence of misunderstandings and delays. Listen to your supplier and eliminate distractions when on the phone.

2. Consistency

Humans by nature are designed to cherish consistency. With consistency, many companies managed to make millions, simply by creating a fixed requirements system for their employees. Your supplier is no different, since he'll need a consistent model to work with. No supplier can tolerate a change of heart half way from the project, so make sure you don't change your mind two weeks after the work has commenced. You must stick to your original deal, for your relationship to stay healthy and clear of conflict.

Consistency is also built around expectations. If you struck a deal with your supplier at a certain rate for a batch of 5 chairs, don't give him a lower price the next time. Discounts come with time when your relationship is established and tested; changing the price or asking for discounts will not help your relationship to grow.

3. Finance

In your relationship with your supplier, money and product are what link you together. Given that your supplier has provided the product on time, you must therefore work to facilitate his payment. No supplier loves late payments or installments - unless you have stated that in the contract. In order to keep your relationship free of payments brawls, you must agree to financing milestones. Let's say you'll pay 1/3 of the payment upon the delivery of the chairs to your pub, and the other two thirds after the tables have been delivered. Such financing milestones help your supplier track his expected finances. Not to mention, your supplier will love financing milestones, since they will create the liquidity needed to finance other phases of the project.

Facilitating payment can also create a sense of respect and good will. Paying in cash can be one of the ways to facilitate payment, and if you're paying in check, make sure there's enough money in your bank account so it won't bounce.

4. Recommendation & Feedback

Recommending your supplier to other people is also a way of making your relationship stronger. If you're satisfied with the level of service given, why not review their product on your website or even better; recommend it to your fellow customers on your pub's bulletin board. Those small gestures make all the difference in a work relationship.

Feedback is also important for your relationship since it enforces communication. When a supplier hands you a survey, why not take a couple of minutes to fill it out. Taking the time to do so, will give help your supplier improve his service thus enhancing your product satisfaction on the long run.

Recommendation and feedback must be done professionally if you choose to employ them. No supplier loves a "This is a good supplier" one minute recommendation. If you're willing to review the supplier, make sure to contact him and to write a detailed review highlighting your experience with them. Include everything that might be helpful for a customer to deal with your supplier - this might open room for commission rates and discounts in the future.

5. Delivery

Delivery is one of the final steps that most buyers ignore. Delivery can be one of the most effective ways to end your deal with the possibility of future communication and business. Agreeing on the delivery time is the first step in delivery, however; many buyers fail to show up during the delivery time.

Many suppliers complain that the buyer would arrive an hour late, leaving the delivery men waiting in the sun. To keep your relationship from becoming aggressive, you must show up on time.

Another aspect is to be very with the delivery men from the company, since no one loves a snob of an owner bossing everyone around. When the delivery men start assembling - if anything needs to be assembled, why not offer them cold refreshments? Also, why not give them a hand if they need anything. Those simple gestures again make all the difference in your relationship, since the delivery men will convey such treatment to your supplier - thus promoting a better image of you.

In conclusion, building an excellent relationship with your supplier isn't a Greek feat. All you have to do is to try to be as helpful, available, and understanding as possible. This will ensure that you'll have a fruitful business relationship that will last for years to come with different business prospects.
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