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Bar Furniture: Don't Make Your Customer Uncomfortable

Aug 9, 2008
When it comes furniture for your business you should take enough time to research exactly what your needs are. One of the key elements of any bar is the barstools. Knowing how to incorporate your barstools as an accessory to the atmosphere of the bar is very important. You want to create an inviting atmosphere as well as incorporate comfort into your seating arrangment. Don't be too eager and buy into the latest trend that is going around. The right type of barstools will help you in your ultimate goal - keeping customers satisfied and comfortable and thus making them eager to visit your establishment over and over again.


Before the buying begins, you need ensure that you have the right measurements. Barstools need to have a difference of roughly 20 inches. So if your bar measures 42 inches you will need chairs that are about 24 to 26 inches. Those aren't the only measurements you will need. You want customers to be able to feel comfortable sitting next to other patrons. Make sure that the space between each barstool is approximately 13 inches. This makes it easier for customer to swivel around and not feel awkward or afraid of bumping into someone next to them at the bar. Think about shy people and what their needs are, remember that they feel even more timid around other people. The wrong bar stool could make them unwilling to return to your establishment. The proper measurement will also aide in determining how barstools you will need to purchase.

The Theme

Have you settled on a theme for your bar? Is it trendy and on the edge, or would you like it to have a more classic look? These questions are relevant when you decide on the actual style of the barstools. The right barstool says a lot about your bar and helps set the atmosphere. If you want a contemporary look metal would fit into look. There are many new designs that incorporate the use of different metals that can easily fit into bar setting. For a classic bar look, wooden barstools are a better fit. Be it classic, or contemporary you will also need to decide the type of material you would like for the seat of the barstool. Leather is both classic and contemporary but it requires special cleaning and care. Cloth seats may be more apt to wear and tear faster, but they are cheaper to replace if they are torn. Also with cloth seats you have more flexibility, if you at some point want to update the design or the colors of your bar. If durability is what you are seeking you may want to consider vinyl. Vinyl is much easier to clean and much more spill resistant than other material. Once you have determined what type, style, and material you are looking for research quality. You want your purchase to be worthwhile and the product to last so you will need to take your time and shop around. Whatever features you chose for your barstools like foot or arm rests, make sure the specific vendor you are looking at doesn't charge you an arm and a leg for a few little extras.

Other Decor

You also will need to consider the look of the outlying tables and chairs. They should function well with the look of the bar and barstools. Stick with the same look. If you chose wooden barstools you should have wooden or rustic chairs and tables to match. You do not need to kill yourself or spend a lot of money looking for an exact match to your barstools, but they should work well together. Always consider comfort and measurement. Distance you tables and chairs in a way as to not make patrons sitting at opposite tables uncomfortable. Putting tables to close together can make conversation impossible is you can't hear the person next to you or are being consistently distracted by the people sitting next to you. You want the flow of the seating to work well with the space when the bar is full; patrons have adequate space to walk around. When considering space issues also keep in mind the area in which server traffic will flow. Tables and chairs need to be adequately spaced so that servers can maneuver around tables without consistently being bumped into. You don't want your patrons to feel that their personal space is being invaded by servers that don't have enough room to walk around their table. You also want to avoid any spills or accidents that may be caused if a server is accidentally bumped by a patron or another server.

Your Budget

Once you have settled on a style and put together the layout of your bar, pug together a budget for what you are considering on spending for your furniture. This is trickier than it seems. There are many different types of vendors and it will be a little time consuming trying to select which one is offering the product you want at a good price. Also you want the best for your money so choose wisely. You want products that are of quality so that you have furniture that will withstand the wear and tear of frequent use. You will have to take some time to relax and have fun with the shopping experience. If you don't, you will not be able to pick out furniture for your bar that reflects you, your personality, and the look that you want for your establishment. Ultimately that is your goal incorporating quality, style, and comfort, and you especially want comfort, so that patrons will want to sit down relax and hang out a while, and keep coming back for more.
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