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Aug 9, 2008
Opentaps open source ERP decision is necessary for all business leaders. This system is integrated JAVA application, which can help you conduct all main functions in your enterprise - bookkeeping, e-commerce, storehouse, amount available, selling centre and many others. It is a perfect decision for you and your personnel.

Though in the last conducted researches, the growth of popularity of the open ERP-systems is not marked (their experts only start studying the given theme), abundantly clear, that more and more enterprises starts to use opened PO for performance of base functions.

It is interesting, that these new users are not typical representatives of PO supporters with the open initial code, trying to apply the open ERP-systems. On the contrary, it is companies, aspiring to receive more reliable, cheap and flexible decision in comparison with patent ERP-decisions.

Nevertheless the growth of attention to the open ERP-systems is connected not only with their opportunities - they, in opinion of users, are the same, as the patent decisions (unlike such qualities, as convenience and simplicity of application). Originally opened PO users address to it, more likely, because of such less tangible properties, as lower cost of the possession, the raised flexibility and an opportunity of experience application of the broad audience of experts participating in it development and operation.

The sense of ERP-decisions application consists in association of all classical divisions of the company in a general system, which can serve the concrete needs of each department. The typical configuration includes modules for work with manpower resources, processing of orders, charges of the salary, management of purchases and shipments. The patent and open systems not differ so much in their functions.

Difference of the open ERP-systems consists that they allow modifying an initial code, addressing direct to the community of developers, or to the manufacturer or its reseller. Even in view of all advantages of an open code of ERP-system quite often there are difficulties with PO selection and use: Open Source is meanwhile in infantile stage (not always easily to find the necessary recommendations), and convenience and simplicity of work with appendices is still not at high level.

Besides there is a false representation that programs with the open initial code are free-of-charge. However at introduction of the open ERP-systems advisers are so necessary, as well as at expansion of patent. The myth according to which opened PO is chosen and used is widespread only by its adherents.
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