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High Ticket Vs Low Ticket Affiliate Programs

Aug 9, 2008
Let's start off by first defining the difference between a low ticket and high ticket program. This is pretty easy. When we say high ticket we are usually referring to programs that are above $500 dollars. These are the one that will make you think twice before you get involved because of the initial investment involved. Most of these programs will have some type of monthly fee but not all of them. When you see a high ticket program make sure you check to see what the monthly fee may be. If the monthly fee is going to be a problem for you then you may want to seek out a program that will not have this monthly fee attached.

So why the monthly fee you may ask. Most of these companies are going to charge this for one of two reasons. Reason number one would be to cover the cost of your website hosting. Which may or may not be a good reason. You have to determine whether this is a charge that you want to incur. Reason number two may be for residuals and hosting fee. Now this may suit those who are looking to make the upfront money from the sale and the back end or residual from the monthly fee. This definitely has its advantages. Some draw backs are not having that extra money to help advertise. Make sure that your high ticket program over delivers in the area of conversions. The web page should sell itself. If you going to spent big money on a high ticket item their page that tells all about the business should do most of the work. Your job should be mainly driving traffic.

Low ticket programs on the other hand are anything below the $500 level. These are considered as such because of the low entry price tag. They may sometimes have a monthly for the same reasons as above but the fee is normally much lower. With a lower ticket item your reasons for joining may be because you are just starting out and want to test the waters with something small before making the money commitment of the larger program. If this is the case your advertising budget can be a little more flexible. In addition if you don't have a monthly fee then you can also add to your ad campaign.

So in the long run the amount of work that you have to do is about the same. To market a high ticket program whether you use free advertisement (cost you your time) or paid you will have to do the same amount of work. The only determining factors depend on how much money you want spend, how much experience you have, and what type of support your going to get.
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