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Six Good Reasons to Screen Potential Applicants for a Job

Aug 9, 2008
However keen you are to take on new employees, there are many valid reasons to ensure the screening of potential applicants takes place prior to going ahead and hiring them to do the job.

To Know Their History

It is important to know your potential employee's history so you can make a good judgment about what they will be like in the future for you. Knowing history means that you will be able to make a good guess about how they will perform for you.

Discover Their Abilities

You also want to screen them so you can be sure of their abilities. By screening potential employees, you will be able to get a good idea of what they can and can't do, which will make it easier to decide whether or not you would like them as an employee.

Find Out About Their Strengths

Strengths and abilities are two different things and when you screen your candidates you will be able to see what they can do, and how well they can do it. Are they natural born leaders? Are they to be regarded as honest and trustworthy individuals? These are the questions you should be asking to make sure they are right for the position being applied for.

Know their weaknesses

It is also important when you are screening potential employees to get an idea of what their weaknesses are. Sometimes weaknesses will make people better apt to fit into team situations, and sometimes weaknesses might prevent them from doing their jobs. So, it is important to understand these weaknesses before you start.

Are They Interested In the Job?

The screening process gives you the opportunity to see that the potential employee is actually interested in the job you have on offer. Throughout the screening process, the potential employee can ask questions to enable him or her to understand what the job entails and get a feel of what would be expected of them. How interested they are in the job will help you to make the decision of whether of not to employ them.

Make a Good Match

By screening the potential employees you have the best chance to ensure you are making a good match. You will be talking to them and getting a feel about them as a person and this will enable you to consider how well they will blend in with you and your business.

It is important for you to find the right employee for your needs and, although screening potential candidates can be a long and tiresome process, it is a helpful procedure to ensure your new employees are suitable for the job and likely to stay with you for a long period of time.

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