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Considerations when Hiring an Assistant

Aug 9, 2008
According to some people, you cannot trust an assistant if they have an interest in investing. He offers many tips about things you should think about when hiring an assistant. You can find a lot of advice in books about hiring personal assistants.

When you interview people for your open assistant position then you need to ask people right off the bat if they have any interest in investing. You want someone who says they have no interest at all. The person who gets excited and their eyes light up when you ask them and they say yes are the people you need to worry about. These are the ones who will steal your knowledge and become your competitor.

Some recommend you be sure to use a non-compete clause for your business. You should not trust anyone because when you least expect it they will take your clients and your prospects. A non-compete clause will ensure you that an assistant cannot take your business elsewhere. You can rest assured that if they want to go out on their own then they will have to start from scratch.

Others might recommend that you should be sure to complain on occasion about your job and the work you do. An assistant will make life very good. An assistant will also give you more free time and make the job look very enticing when you are making a lot of money. Be sure to complain about the things you deal with and be vocal. This is how you deter your assistant from wanting to be successful in the same field as you. Your success is for you and no one else.

When you purchase the systems to hire a personal assistant, you will learn all of the things you need to think about when hiring and working with an assistant. You will learn how to protect your business, your clients, and your success.

Find books, articles, or magazines to find out the best concepts that are involved in hiring a personal assistant. This is a concept by ones whom say this worked for them. There is no guarantee these systems will work for your or anyone else. You cannot hold the company liable for the system not working and it is at your own risk when you purchase the program. Not all people will be given a refund and given 30 days to test the program.
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