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Trade Shows-Does Sex Sell?

Aug 9, 2008
Do sexy models sell your products at trade shows? This has been a major issue in the past few years in the trade show industry. Sex certainly sells, we see it all around us, it's on TV, Billboards and in all major magazines. With this said, does sex sell at trade shows? Let me take a moment to explain what I mean by sex selling at trade shows.

An exhibitor usually hires extremely sexy models to stand in their booth space or around their products to attract attention to it. This practice is done mainly at all the major Auto Shows and the SEMA shows. At these shows most of the attendees are males. Males tend to like sleek and flashy cars and certainly sexy girl models. This is immediately is an attention getter which is what you want.

These "booth babes" can certainly be trained to sell or move your product. They should be educated on the product they are trying to promote. If you hire a "booth babe" (with due respect I certainly do not like the term "booth babe" so for this article I will refer to them as booth models) and wish to use them correctly have then stand by your product, may it be a beautiful sports cars. Your product line is rims; well spend the time to educate your booth model about the product.

Let's face the fact just having a pretty model by your car or product will not sell that product. Most people at these shows will only step up to the model just have their picture taken with her or him. Your model should be taught something about the product and not be used only as a trophy piece. Your company as well as the model will be much more respected by the potential buyer.

I would certainly say that sex sells at trade shows if it's done correctly. Use your hired model with class and savvy. Do not use them as trophies. Your booth model and buyers will certainly respect you more. The end results will be reflected in sales.
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Consider the next time you hire a booth model to work your trade show displays Treat them as you would like your client to treat you and your product. You may also wish to receive more tips about trade show booth by going here
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