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Flags - Types of Flags Throughout the World

Aug 9, 2008
Flags have a long history of representing many different things. What a printed flag represents depends largely on the design, colours and the way a printed flag hangs (horizontal flags or vertical flags).

Not all customized flags are the same size either. There are standard branded flags and smaller promotional flags (usually representing private organizations and clubs). There are many different types of customized flags throughout the world, and no two are really the same. For example, there are branded world flags that represent the many different countries today. Consider for example the United States flag which is uniquely designed with the canton or upper area of the flag with a design of stars, and the body which features stripes.

Other Unusual Flags Throughout the World

Of course there are many other unusual promotional flag types throughout the world. There are for example customized flags people create to represent clubs, organizations or even personal family emblems. There are battle flags often used to represent the armed forces of a particular country. Battle flags can vary from region to region and army to army.

There are pennant flags that have unique designs unlike traditional flags that certain clubs may use, including sailing clubs. I wonder how many different personalized flags, apart from world flags, can you easily identify?

The chances are high if you step outside and start counting you can easily identify at least a few. Some customized flags are easily recognized, including certain world flags like the U.S. flag and the flag representing the United Kingdom. The flag of the United Kingdom is unique because it features a charge placed on a line that rests between two colours, something many refer to as a "counter-changed" flag.

Health & Safety Flags

Many also recognize branded flags representing health and safety. For example, most promotional flags with a cross designate an organization or individuals that provide medical or other care providing services, or even charitable organizations. The flag of the red cross is an example. A couped cross printed flag is an example of an organization that typically represents non-armed forces or an entity desiring peaceful relations with others.

Flag Accessories

Once you have a printed flag you will need a few accessories to show it off. Most importantly you need a staff or a flagpole as it is sometimes referred to in order to support your flag. Some people support their flags on a smaller mount or miniature flagstaff that hangs from the edge of their homes.

Flagstaffs and flagpoles also provide an opportunity to hang flags at half mast in the event someone has passed on, or a sign or mourning the loss of someone. You don't really need many other accessories from a flag unless you plan to store it. If this is the case you need simply to fold it correctly and store it in a clean, dry place. It's best you learn from a professional or someone experienced in matters of flag folding if you plan to store your flag regularly.
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