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Make the Right First Impression With Quality Headers

Aug 17, 2007
What if someone told you that if you made one simple change to your web site you could dramatically increase your sales, perhaps as much as 200 or even 300 percent, would you do it?

In fact, just adding a quality header image to your web site can accomplish that kind of sales increase.

Because it sits at the top of the web page, the header is the very first thing visitors will see when they arrive at your site. It is your first opportunity to make a positive impression, to let them know what your site is about, and to invite your visitor to go beyond the top of the page.

Your header has to clearly communicate what your web site is about. To have a positive impact, your header images must be relevant to the topic of your web site and the products you are selling. Your images must also be high quality to convey professionalism and trust.

Just like an effective headline, a header must catch the attention of your targeted audience immediately and invite them to explore the rest of the site.

A poorly designed header graphic will suggest to your visitors that you are not professional. If your visitors are turned off by your header graphic, it's unlikely that they'll continue reading your home page, view the rest of your site or buy your products.

Conversely, if your header gives them a positive impression, it will help to instill a sense of trust and confidence that your visitors will take with them as they read and explore more of your site. This, in turn, usually translates into an increase in sales.

Here are some options to get a quality, professional header:

1. Design a header graphic yourself. Creating a credible header on your own requires time, skill and software.

2. Purchase header templates. The better header sets include a variety of professionally-designed, quality header graphics. Some come as Photoshop files that you can change to suit your needs.

3. Use specialized header software such as Header Generator that makes it easy to create good-looking headers for your web sites without graphic design experience.

4. Hire a professional graphic designer who has experience in creating web graphics. This option allows you to focus your time and energy on generating your web content and marketing your site.

Revamp your web site with a stunning header image in just minutes and get the winning edge over your competition. It's an easy change that will have a huge effect on your credibility and sales.
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