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Work From Home Jobs Verses Home Business Opportunities

Aug 9, 2008
When you are thinking about earning money from home, you have several opportunities to achieve that. Today many opportunities exist, but which has more of a potential to offer you a decent income working from home? In this article, you will discover the benefits and negatives of both, and how you too can get started earning money from home.

* Work From Home Jobs
It was only a few years ago, that it was not really practical to be able to earn money from home with a work from home job. However, more and more companies are looking for teleworkers - people who work at home and still earn a regular income.

There are several benefits to doing this. You get to be at home, earn money, and get to be with your family more. There are many benefits to single parents and people who just can't travel those long distances to get to work.

It also benefits the company, as they no longer need to have to provide you with office space, etc. The result is that for example a person in a telesales position would have calls routed to there home, and they can do same as what they would do, but have the added advantage at working from home.

Some of these jobs will give you several routes. Some will need you to go to the office a few times a week, with a small portion working at home, others will allow you to spend more time at home, and others will allow you to work entirely from home. It really depends on the job.

* Freelancing
Freelancing is the next step, and another option to working from home. The difference between freelancing and jobs that allow you to work from home is that you now become the person seeking individual projects to complete.

Freelancing is more in between a work from home business, and a job that allows you to work in the comfort of your own home. The choice pretty much comes down to your skills, what you have to offer, and being able to find customers that need your services consistently.

Many people are freelancing online. Some freelancing jobs include programming work, design work, writing work, data entry, and many more. There are some great dedicated sites, such as eLance that can help you find clients consistently that need your services.

* Home Business Opportunities
The freelancing and other work from home jobs are not for everyone. If you like to achieve your income by your performance, rather than your time, a home business opportunity can be a great way to go. These home business opportunities are allowing people to make as much as 6 and 7 figures of income per year. But, this is not the norm; however, if you are geared for achievement and excellence, the many home business ideas and opportunities may just be what you need to find an income, and lifestyle you only could dream of.
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