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Discipline in Moneymaking

Aug 9, 2008
Your ability to involve yourself in moneymaking ventures may have everything to do with discipline and practical application.

For instance if you want to be an expert at marketing and you want others to pay you to help them launch a great marketing campaign then you need to know a lot about marketing. In fact, you need to keep updating your skills.

If you offer a skill you need to be disciplined enough to expand your knowledge on the subject. It may not be enough to simply learn a skill and indicate you know everything there is to know on the subject. You may need to continuously learn new facets to the service you offer.

The thing that can set you apart from the competition is that as you gain advanced knowledge on the subject matter you specialize in you may begin to detect patterns and trends that may be meaningful in how you do business and how you help your customers. Your insight may prove beneficial to your clients.

I suppose for some service oriented businesses there may be less of a need for ongoing skills training, but when you discipline yourself to become an authority in your field your business will likely be seen as more valuable and trusted.

One of my skills is marketing so I discipline myself to spend time each day in researching new ways to market ideas, products and services. By taking the time to do that I come to a place where it becomes easier to detect innovation from basic marketing information. It can even become easy to spot articles on marketing that may be off the mark and then explain why this idea may not work from a practical standpoint.

In other words I have become a marketing geek. Most people don't care and possibly think I am being a bit obsessive when it comes to the subject and yet the information I have learned has helped me in building my own businesses. It has helped me assist others in doing the same thing.

Know more than you have to know. Learn more than you have to learn. In many cases you will be able to spot problems before they become huge issues for your clients. Your increased knowledge often means being able to provide unique insight that goes beyond basic skills.

What's more is that when you gain increased skills you also gain another potential moneymaking idea. When you grow into an expert status you can begin to sell your expertise to a secondary market. This is often made possible through the development and sale of an ebook on the subject or the development of a seminar.

Many people want to know more about a multitude of subjects, but they don't have the patience and/or discipline to glean that information from multiple sources. You can take your disciplined approach to business and help others make sense of following a similar path to success in a one-stop shop atmosphere.

Can you spare a few minutes a day to learn more about your chosen field? Can you use the building blocks of learning to develop innovative ways to help others? Your answers could improve your overall ability to make money.
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