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What Is Article Marketing And How To Use It Effectively

Aug 9, 2008
If you don't even know what I am talking about, don't worry, I'll explain...

If you do know what article marketing is, then you are likely already using this technique to generate traffic and links to your site.

Basically, in a nutshell, article marketing is where you utilize the power of article directories to generate links to your site. What you do is simply write articles about the niche that your products or services are in. You might write some "how to" articles, you might write some articles about "why" certain ideas or products are better than others. Once you start thinking about it, the information that you already possess about your given niche or topic can fill a lot of articles. You only need to write articles that are about 500 - 600 words long.

How do these articles help you?

Well, quite simply, if you could get other websites, newsletters or e-zines to publish your written work, you could become an "expert" in your field or niche, couldn't you? Isn't that what makes an "expert" an "expert" - other people listen to and quote what they say.

If you write interesting and informative articles, then more people are apt to read them and in turn, use your articles as content. See, the thing that I haven't told you yet is the bonus... any time you submit an article to a directory, they allow you to have what is called a "resource box". This is a paragraph at the bottom of the article where you, quite simply, tell a bit about yourself - or your company, product or service. Most often, they will allow you to have a link in your resource box that directs back to your own website.

So now, as publishers pick up and use your article, you are getting all of these links back to your website. Better still, the links are on the same page as the topic of your niche and very relevant to the content in your website. Now you should start to see the power of this activity.

You publish an article relevant to your niche, people read it, use it and you get a link back to your website.

So, that is great, how do I publish my articles?

Well, one option is to go to some of the article directories and submit your articles by hand one at a time. Certainly this can be done but it is very time consuming, wasting time that could be better spent writing more articles.

What I would recommend is to use an article submission service and let them submit your article all over the web. They have lists of article directories that would take you a very long time to even come up with, forget submitting to each of them.
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