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Cash Gifting - Additional Expenses That Are Very Manageable

Aug 9, 2008
You've heard about cash gifting, you've begun to do your research and you like what you see. One thing puzzles you: what kind of additional expenses can you expect once you enroll in cash gifting?

Let's have a look!

For starters, you'll need to register a .com domain name with an established registrar (GoDaddy, FxDomains, for example). On the average .com registration pricing in under $10 per year. A small additional fee ($5 or thereabout) will provide you with private registration, where your name is not revealed to the public.

The next expense resolves to a monthly hosting service, the server where you website's files will be hosted and shown to your visitors. You'll need a generous amount of bandwidth and storage space, but, fortunately, prices for shared hosting accounts are low-- easily $10 per month or less.

As for setting up your website itself, many mentors will turn you over to a $100 solution. Then again many mentors will set up your website and autoresponder for you free of charge. Pick your mentor wisely!

Your biggest upfront expense will come to you in the way of tracking software, an online service, Tracking software keeps track of the 1up system-- how cash is distributed to participants.

The software allows cash gifting mentors to confirm when gifts are received, and to qualify new enrollees to receive gifts once they deliver their own first enrollee as required by the 1up system.

For top-tier cash gifting programs, where levels of participation begin at $500, the tracking software/service weighs in at around $120 per year, payable up front at the time you enroll in cash gifting.

Las, but not least, you'll need an autoresponder service to build and manage a mailing list that your visitors can subscribe to. There are pricy solutions (Aweber, GetResponse), but a little bit of shopping will take you o a $10 - $12 per month solution (iContact, SuperSponders).

Additional expenses you may incur are strictly optional, not mandatory-- a matter of preference and style.

Many cash gifting mentors offer prospects a toll-free number to facilitate initial contact. While there are many options to provide such a service, the most economical solution is often a toll-free redirect.

This kind of service. is just what it sounds like. A subscriber is given a toll-free number which redirects incoming calls to his/her cell phone or home phone. Average price tag is $25/mo. and under.

Next optional expense that you may want to consider centers around having a press release written and distributed for your website. Writing fees for a press release from a freelance writer average under $20, Professional distribution of your press release is an additional $20.

Yet another optional expense worth considering is a monthly subscription to USFreeAds, a favorite paid Classified Ads website with many Internet marketers. Price tag? Just under $10 per month.

One last optional expense, worthwhile for long-term benefits, is derived from article marketing. Article marketing is all about writing short articles and distributing them to as many article directories as possible.

Each published article includes a resource box, where authors are permitted to include a link to the website that they are promoting.

The current price tag for ghostwritten articles is approximately $6 per article. Wide distribution of articles is priced in the neighborhood of $50 to $70 per quarter.

Well, there you have it: as many expenses as you're likely to encounter when enrolling a cash gifting. Please bear in mind that the optional expenses I've listed as just that: optional. Optional expenses are the kind you would consider when marketing any online opportunity, not just cash gifting.
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Joseph Love is a successful cash gifting mentor specializing in one-on-one phone mentoring. He can be reached at CashMeToo.com
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