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How Not To Get Scammed With Internet Marketing Programs - Part II

Aug 10, 2008
Remember our parable in Part I about the old gold miner in 1849? Don't you think he would have struck that gold vein much sooner if he had today's technology?...a 10 ton computerized bull dozer instead of picks and shovels? A lot of Internet Marketers are using picks and shovels to mine their gold online when they could be using 10 ton computerized bulldozers... use technology to your advantage!

Right now the search engines love quality content, so writing good articles or having them ghost written for you will deliver huge benefits. An Internet Marketing Program that automates the process of article marketing is always a good investment. The Google slap is a clear indication that good quality content is and will continue to be rewarded handsomely.

One of the most compelling lessons I have learned with Internet Marketing is that it is a numbers game...getting your product or service in front of the most qualified people as possible. Early on in my career as an Internet Marketer I thought that if I simply show my affiliate link to a hundred people on a Google ad, that is all I needed to do to make money...boy was I wrong! There are numerous other ways to market your product or service other than slapping an ad on Google.

Don't get me wrong, Google ads are still a very effective way to market your product...just don't use it exclusively. Make sure you know what you are doing before you put your ad on Google or you can lose your shirt. There are many good eBooks online that will teach you how to learn the Google ad system. Even the Google ad website has free tutorials for you to learn the system...read...read....read!

Finding an Internet Marketing Program that shows you how to effectively market your product is crucial! I cannot emphasize this enough. You need to know many marketing methods so you can attack on many fronts...not just Google ads. Google can be a money pit for a novice.

The Internet Marketing Program you choose should have a good support system with a proven roadmap to success. There is nothing that angers me more than the multitude of Internet Marketing Programs currently online in the form of eBooks that show you a few tricks, but have no support system...no roadmap for success.

Once you have a good feeling in your gut about the Internet Marketing Program you're about to embark on and you have done your due diligence, go all out! Don't get sidetracked with other programs, stay focused with the Internet Marketing Program you have chosen. Focus exclusively on it for 3 months and then evaluate. I have always felt that you should do something you feel passionate about...this helps you get through the inevitable ups and downs you will encounter in your new venture.

In the final analysis you should research the company, find Internet Marketing Programs that teach multiple marketing methods and automate required tasks, then stay the course with unwavering resolve and you will achieve much success.

Good Luck and Stay The Course!

John Lynch
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