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Strategy For Effective and Cheap Backlinks

Aug 10, 2008
If you're like most small business owners, you are always in the market for more back links to your website to improver your website's position in the organic search results on Google & Yahoo!

In the past, the challenge has been to balance link quality against the prohibitive cost associated with link building. As the old cliche goes - "it's like being caught between a rock & a hard place"! - You either had to shell out a stack of cash for content relevant 1-way links or settle for those temptingly cheap links farms - which will bite you in the back later when you are sandboxed by Google for using link farms!

OK - granted there are a few economical methods of acquiring 1-way links - article marketing is probably the most effective of these.

Drum Roll Please

Perhaps the Most Affordable Strategy Ever for Grabbing Loads of Content Relevant, 1-Way Links

1. Identify what category your website is - ie. internet marketing, web development, real estate, day trading, business startups, etc.

2. Google your category(s) followed by the word 'forum' or 'forums'. In other words if you have a real estate website, search for 'real estate forums', 'real estate investors forum' etc.

3. Register as a user on the forums that have a high level of activity.

4. In the correct category, post a thread something like this:

Hi All,
I am looking to buy 1 link in your signature on this forum as well as 1 link in your signature in any other real estate forums. Please pm me details for each forum that you have a link for sale in. Please send details in this format:

Url of Forum
Your Screen Name
Post per day
Price per month

My site is: mydomain. com
My Name

5. Buy from users with at least one post per day. In most forums you can determine how many posts per day a user makes by clicking on his or her screenname to get to his/her profile.

6. Expect to pay about $1 per month for each post a user averages each day. For example, if a user averages 5.14 post per day - expect to pay $5 for a link in his/her signature for a month. In other words, you just bought 150 content relevant, 1-way links for $5! Generally Paypal. com is the best way to pay.

7. Ask the individual to make a post so you can see that your url & anchor text have been correctly added to his/her signature.

I repeated this simple process, with 14 forum users(1 in each forum) - now I have 14 people making posts on a daily basis with links back to my website.

This has resulted in over 2,035 links for me in just 2 short weeks. You don't believe me do you?

Keep in mind that some forums will have a 'no-follow' attribute on the links which means Google will disregard links in these forums. However an added benefit of using content relevant forums, is click-throughs! Since your real estate link is in real estate investors forums - some real estate investors will actually click-through to your site. So not only do these links help your seo efforts they also double as text ads!
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