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Multi Level Marketing Genealogy Leads

Aug 10, 2008
Multi-level marketing is one of the many ways that sales can be generated. This allows the agent to use various tactics so people under the individual's umbrella will be able to see a product to a customer and thus earn money.

In some circles, multi-level marketing is better known as network or referral marketing. Those who are new to the business will likely ask friends, family and acquaintances first to get that first break before venturing out into the open to find new clients. These prospects are better known as genealogy leads.

A genealogy lead is a list of names that the marketing company has kept on file for future reference. These are usually clients from a firm that is no longer in operation, which can be used again to conduct business.

The competition to get a first crack at the genealogy leads is intense. This is because other marketing companies who also want to grow will try and get these first. Should this happen, the individual must remember that this is not the end of the world.

This is because a client who was called today and is not interested may soon want it 6 months to one year from now. The genealogy leads should then be kept in a safe place so the person can try again later on.

Before calling on the genealogy leads, it is best to come up with a script. It is not that different than making a sales pitch in front of a customer but rehearsing how this will be said a few times won't hurt since this could mean the difference between making a sale or getting rejected.

Studies show that 2 to 3% of the names in the genealogy leads move or have made other changes. This doesn't involve numbers and addresses of the people but civil status as well.

The person should find the time to make sure the information here is correct before calling anyone on the list. It will be quite embarrassing making a sales pitch to someone who is already married when the record on hand still says that the individual is still single.

There are various books in the market that can help the agent work with the genealogy leads. First timers and those who have been doing this for a long time but have come to a slump should read it to find better ways to achieve sales.

Wouldn't it be great if the agent is able to know whether to call this client will mean either a sale or a waste of time. Luckily, there is a way and that is through list optimization. By plugging in certain information, this can determine if the individual is worth calling up.

Again this can change in a few months so the list in the genealogy leads must be kept for future reference.

Those who rely on the genealogy leads should also look at the Do Not Call Registry This will surely avoid wasting time and energy in calling those who are not interested again.

Multi-level marketing is the only way network marketers are able to sell a product to the customer. Aside from expanding the market to other areas, the use of genealogy leads will be useful given that the current one is not yet saturated.
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