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When You Need Fresh Blog Content

Aug 10, 2008
When you first start writing your blog, it's likely that you have a lot to say so that you don't have a problem posting every day. After a while, though, you can begin to run out of ideas so that you can't seem to come up with fresh content. Everyone runs into this problem now and again when they blog regularly, and it's a challenge to keep the blog fresh and interesting to read. There are some ways you can do just that, though:

- Implement a "top 10" list.

"Here are the top 10 mistakes people make when they try to do X for the first time." "Here are the top 10 ways you can ___." Lists are easier to write, often, and they take less time to come up with. If you can't come up with 10, try for the top three or the top five things in a particular list.

- Schedule an interview with an expert.

Whatever your niche, find someone who's very knowledgeable about your blog subject and see if your she will be happy to do an interview with you. This might be especially true if they've just launched a new product and would like exposure. Take some time to formulate some questions and ask them to write their answers. What's great about this particular approach is that you have to write the questions, of course, but the person being interviewed actually writes most of that blog.

- Find a commonly recurring problem or question and then answer it.

If you frequent forums in your particular niche, go and look up a particular question that people keep having. Do some research and come up with some answers that you can put in a blog post. This can make you the expert, with just a little bit of elbow grease.

- Blog about other blog posts.

If you've read a blog post that has caused you to stop and think or has given you information that you've found priceless, talk about it in your blog. Use insights, opinions, and the inspiration you've gotten from a particular blog post. Provide a link back to that post, too, so that your readers can read what has inspired you so much.

- Talk about the weather.

Yep, that's right, talk about the weather. Look at the season right now and tie it into your particular niche. If the hot weather inspires you, for example, to talk about how your online marketing business makes you money while you go fishing, talk about it. Or, if it's snowing, talk about how this gives you time to snuggle up with some of your favorite books. If one of those favorite books just happens to be something you can review on Amazon (with affiliate links included, of course), so be it.

- Talk about new developments in the business world.

Your particular niche is always going to have new developments. What are you working on now? Use your own experience and talk about what your current projects are. If you talk to readers a little bit about what's really happening but don't give everything away, you're going to give your readers something to come back for.

These are just a few blogging ideas that can help you maintain your blog with fresh and interesting information, so that your readers will be loyal and keep coming back for more.
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