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Add The Personal Touch To Blogging With Video

Aug 10, 2008
Many people spend so much time dedicated to typing about the latest things in their lives. For some, this takes up time that would be spent missing the ones they love.

As millions of people are in the world, many are experiencing the hardship of being able to keep consistent communications open with the ones they love when they are far from their families and friends. I have seen this time and time again.

I have watched countless friends who rely on the modern day blogging to send updates on their lives to the ones they love. The costs of phones are way too high now days and emails are well enough if only you didn't have to reiterate all the time. Now, people are using blogs for a whole new purpose. To reduce the time that they spend blooging, many people have taken to video updates.

I have seen some women use this to upload messages to family as they move after they get married. One woman posted her birth on a page so that her family can just go online and view for themselves rather than using the money to make the DVDs that she would have had to send had blogs not been invented. And postage just increases just like everything else in the States!

Barriers are being knocked down by this new method of blogging as well. It sends a personal touch to the things you are talking about. Family members and friends can see the true emotions that stem from the things that are taking place. For some individuals with disabilities, this is a way for them to communicate. They can't tell their great news over the phone like one of my friends whose deaf so she tapes herself signing the news.

What a thrill it is to have a way to get news quickly! It has allowed soldiers who have minimum time on their hands to be able to get messages to those who are waiting at home, anticipating an update and as a daughter of a soldier I know how important those moments are. When you might not be able to get a call due to low power but you can go online and hear their voice.

Or see the face that at times you think you have forgotten. Those moments that happen come and go so quickly and now thanks have been giving as people are being united to be able to share in events that some people just shouldn't miss.
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