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The Carpet Cleaning Industries Free Guide To Instantly Developing Trust With New Customers

Aug 10, 2008
After 16 years working in the carpet cleaning industry and initially struggling with trying to win the trust of the all demanding new customer I've finally got some very good news to share.

As a carpet cleaning business owner you know how challenging it can be to win the trust of a new customer especially if you're two or three times more expensive than the rest of your competition. So what I'm about to reveal (after being one of the most expensive carpet cleaners in my area) is exactly what I used that allowed me to retain over 87% of my incoming phone calls and convert them into bookings without fail.

Here are my unbeaten 7 to 8 points I used that took me from loosing over 72% of my potential new customers to cheaper carpet cleaners in my first year to winning over the new customer 87% of the time year in and year out from then on.

1. When a potential new customer called about carpet cleaning and asked that difficult question (how much do you charge) I would always say: Just so I can help you better do you mind if I can ask you a couple of quick questions? They always said yes.
2. Then I would say (my first name is Mark and yours is?) Once they told me their name I was able to build rapport by using their name so I would now say the following.
3. Mrs. Jones when was the last time you had your carpets cleaned?
4. Did you have them dry cleaned or steam cleaned?
5. Do you know if your carpet is a natural carpet like wool is it a synthetic?
6. Is your carpet lightly soiled is it heavily soiled?

What I'm doing here if you haven't realized already is communicating with the potential new customer and branding myself as an expert in my field by asking all the right questions. Most importantly I am in control of the conversation because I am the one asking the questions. If the customer is asking all the questions then they are in control. That is what usually happens and why so many carpet cleaning business owners loose out..

7. Mrs. Jones Just so you know I'm doing the right thing by you I would love to give you an honest quote. So tell me, when would you feel most comfortable for me to come by and give you a proper written quote? (If and only if the potential new customer doesn't want you to go to their home and says they just want an idea over the phone then I would add another point and say the following).
8. Mrs. Jones that is a really good point and as you know I can't see your carpet right now and I certainly do not want to give you a quote that is not true. As every carpet and home is very different I always prefer to be honest and inspect your carpet free of charge so I don't give you an incorrect perception and I certainly do not want to disappoint you. Does that make sense? When she says yes then I repeat most of point 7 and say: Well Mrs. Jones with your permission of course when would you feel most comfortable to have me come out and give you a free written quote?

Almost every single time you will be able to make the appointment. Once you're in the home of the potential new customer you are then able to develop rapport and trust before giving a price. This is vitally important. Remember people will mostly invest extra money with you if they like you and feel comfortable with you. Building this kind of trust over the phone is almost impossible especially when every man and his dog are beating you down in price. This is where I dramatically changed my business and succeeded almost every time by getting the price I wanted once in their home. After all it's much better to do only three jobs a day as apposed to 6, 7, even 8 yet still make the same money (if not much more) as if I still did the 8 jobs wouldn't you agree?

This system really does work even though it seems ridiculously simple. Of course you are investing much more time per job so your results are also going to be much better too.
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Carpet cleaning professionals take note: there is a free guide that is helping honest carpet cleaning business owners around the world. It's a totally free endorsement by the carpet cleaning consumer guide found at http://www.carpetcleaningconsumerguide.com.au/Link_To_Us
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